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RIP Wozaup (was BLESMA Charity Football Match)

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Its such sad news.

I went to see Warren a few weeks ago. He was still in high spirits and his normal good self. Even near the end, his biggest aim was to leave a legacy. He set up the Wooley foundation.

I promised him that I would complete an ironman event in his memory next year.


His life was dedicated to helping others. I feel privileged to have classed him as a friend.

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Thanks Stuart.

I found the news out on match day, so I had to put a brave face on!

It was quite a surreal experience knowing whilst watching the lads kick the leather about.

I think the night was a glowing success, a few hiccups which was understandable considering I am living in the Hospice now.

But the night,event would never of happened if it was not for the players and the supporters.

My heart felt thank you goes out to you lads, god bless yas

"ya did good guys"



This is bravery on a level with anything I've ever seen. Absolutely unbelievable.

Sorry to have never met you Warren, what an incredible chap you clearly were.

All the best to your family.

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I was deeply saddened to hear this news yesterday and my heart goes out to his family.

I only spoke to Warren personally on Thursday evening, where he was sharing with me his new charity launch,and his new website: http://www.thewooleyfoundation.org.uk/warrens-story/

Warren was a truly brave man, an inspiration to everyone and a valuable member of the Rovers family.

R.I.P Warren.

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Sad sad news

Condolences to his family and friends and all that knew him

One of those you saw at games and knew without actually knowing him on a personal basis

RIP Warren

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Hi guys.

As I posted earlier I promised Warren I'd raise money in his honour.

The proceeds will go to BLESMA and east lancs hospice

I'm booked in to compete the outlaw half triathlon which is

1.2 mile swim 56 mile bike and 13mile run in June.

Then weeks later I will do the 140 mile coast to coast cycle in one day.

Please follow the link


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