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[Archived] Pensions advisor

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Hello fellow members.

I am currently negotiating the final throes of my divorce and am wondering if there are any pension advisors that are members or if any know of such tradesmen/women who might be able to assist me in estimating the current pension I have in order to provide the details ready for a final court hearing later this year.

You can either message me direct or contact me via email warren126@sky.com

many thanks

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All you need to do is contact the company or organisation that will pay your pension and ask for a forecast. You should receive a forecast every year as a matter of routine.

My advice would be do not give up any of your pension in the settlement.

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It's a gamble. My brother in law refused to give his pension as part of the settlement and handed over the house and more in return. He was skint for a few years while paying off the debt.

His logic was he could work to pay off the debt but he couldn't earn another Pension.

Now he's retired he has a full works pension, no debt and his ex wife only has the state pension. I think I now who one in the end.

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