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[Archived] Everton - the "Prestige Friendly"

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Have to disagree about Lowe and Marrow, it looks as though neither of them have an ounce of creativity between them, neither have had any influence on the game whatsoever and both have been terrible imo.

Those saying King has been useless are not wrong but that's always been my opinion of him

Rhodes completely isolated as usual. Hope to see Rochina soon and one or two other changes to give us some kind of attacking imperus..

You could hardly blame Rhodes if he wanted to leave if someone was interested, the service he gets in this team is shocking !

Up to the manager to do something about it, has GB got it in him ?

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Same here. Just got an ad in the middle.

From what I've been able to make out, King has been woeful, giving ball away a lot, but defensively we have been relatively solid.

Everton got far better players than us so it's to be expected that they will dominate.

You musnt have the right plug-ins to enable you to play it

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Well From what I've seen pre-season, we are worse than that season, at best level par. Judge is okay that's it, Taylor crap and in general midfield an absolute disgrace. Pass the ball 4-5 times in the middle and then hoof it to Rhodes (because we all know that plan works). Saying that it probably isn't even a plan, they just can't do anything else.

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