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[Archived] Derby County vs Blackburn Rovers Sunday 04/08 4pm kick off (Live on Sky)

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So, the new season has crept up on us, with all that has gone on since our new owners took over the club, and last season's disappointing end, I don't think I can recall, in my lifetime (29 years), a more apathetic state amongst supporters.
Saying that, comparatively at least, our close season seems to have been a little more (dare I say) stable.
As much as the team that finished the season in 2011-12 was significantly superior to the one we start this season with, and any Rovers supporter (particularly on here) will be quick to remind us of just how far we have fallen in this time, with a few tweaks, (Central midfield and left back immediately spring to mind) I personally think this squad could be competitive in this league.

As much as I think a sense of realism is essential, I do try (for my own sanity) to remain optimistic, I can't help but feel that under different ownership, this pre-season wouldn't have taken on World Cup Final like significance....
Anyway, now to the preview. :)


The club was founded in 1884 as an offshoot of Derbyshire
County Cricket Club, like Rovers, they are one of the twelve founder members of
the Football League, and one of only ten teams to compete in every season of
the English Football League.

Around ten years after the clubs formation, they adopted
their now traditional black and white colours. They then adopted the nickname
The Rams as homage to the links with the First Regiment of Derby Militia,
which took a Ram as its mascot. The song
The Derby Ram was its regimental song.

As they had begun as an offshoot of the local County Cricket
Club, the first home of the club was the County Cricket Ground, which was also
known as The Racehorse Ground. The club played their home League and Cup
matches there for eleven years, from their year of formation.

However, following fixture clashes with the cricket club,
and an opportunity arising to find a new home to play their home matches, the
club moved to The Baseball ground in 1895.


The main rivalries where Derby are concerned are Nottingham
Forest. This game is referred to as the East Midlands Derby; the winner of
this game is awarded the Brian Clough Trophy. This is named after the
legendary former manager of both clubs, who presided over the most successful
period in Derbys history.

The rivalry initially was down to geography, but this
further intensified following the move of Brian Clough from Derby to Forest
(though Clough did have two brief spells as manager of Brighton and Leeds in
between). And again, when Billy Davies (former Derby manager) took over at
Forest, and took three former Derby players with him to Forest. Animosity grew
further when former Forest favourite Kris Commons moved to Derby. Then former
Forest player Nigel (son of Brian) Clough became Derby manager.

The club also have lesser rivalries with Leicester City,
though not as intense as the Forest rivalry, and Leeds United, this again is
largely to do with Brian Clough, but is largely one way.


Derby have quite a sizeable fan base, and last season, had
the third highest average attendance in the Championship, which an average of

In the 2007-2008 season, when Derby had one of the all-time
lowest points totals in Premiership history, Derby fans were referred to in the
media as being the best fans in the country. As Pride Park was often sold
out, and the club regularly had large followings away from home.

For the season in question, and the subsequent two, the club
had the twelfth largest attendances in the country, despite only having the
fifteenth largest ground. In 2008/2009, the club had the biggest attendance in
the Championship, with a larger attendance than nine Premiership clubs, and had
the highest attendance in the league for a single match- with 33,079 against

Famous Supporters

  • Graham Coxon (Blur
  • John Wetton (Vocalist from
  • Rebecca Adlington (Olympic
    Gold Medallist, and niece of former keeper Terry Adlington)
  • Robert Lindsay (Actor in
    My Family)
  • Jack OConnell (Actor in
    Skins/This is England)
  • Michael Socha (Actor in
    This is England)
  • Niall Horan (One Direction
  • Ross Davenport (Team GB
  • Timothy Dalton (Former 007

Common Links between the two clubs

Both clubs are founder members of the Football League, and
have a host of players who have worn the colours of both teams. Ive done my
best to rack my brain/google for them below- though Im sure some older members
can fill in any blanks!!

Craig Short

Robbie Savage

Jay McEveley

Andy Todd

Frank Fielding (though he never made a competitive
appearance for us)

Lee Carsley

Ashley Ward

Christian Dailly

Lars Bohinen

Jeff Kenna

David Jones

Jake Kean (Derby Trainee)

View of the oppo

I managed to get a few views of some Derby fans via
www.dcfcfans.co.uk , a message board very
similar in layout to our own!

How do you think
you'll get on this season? Are you pleased with your signings/disappointed with
any of the departures?

Scott129: Think we'll come 7th. Thoroughly
pleased with our signings so far. Big fan of Lee Grant. Craig Forsyth, Chris
Martin and John Eustace are all solid and, most notably, we signed Johnny
Russell. I've watched him over the course of many years and I can't wait to see
what he can do in the Championship. Still 2 more signings to come too, including
one tomorrow, thought to be Adam Smith from Spurs coming on loan.

Srg: Hopefully fighting for
playoffs. Pleased by and large. Brayford leaving will hurt, but was
predictable. Shame it happened so close to the start of the season though.

North Stand Ram: Happy with every
addition with hopefully 2 more to follow. Russell the most exciting. Disappointed
with the departure of Brayford, hopefully he's replaced well.

What are your views from an outsiders
perspective of the goings in at Rovers?

Scott129: Must say, I don't
really know the ins and outs of what's going on at Blackburn. I'm familiar with
the turmoil you had at the manager position and I've heard the Venky's are
causing quite a bit of trouble financially. Apart from that, I can't say much
more, I'm afraid. Think you'll do well this season though, most likely top 10.

Srg: Still a bit of circus. Have
about 50 players don't you?!

North Stand Ram: Run by clowns.
But finally have a manager who I think will steady the ship. Made some shrewd
signings, Taylor is a good player. Got the best striker in the league.

Are there any players in the Rovers squad
you'd like at Derby/again conversely, is there anyone you think we should look
out for in the Derby squad?

Scott129: Quite a few players I
like in your squad. I like Kean, Hanley, Dann, Judge and obviously Rhodes. I'd
take any of them. Probably a few others I've missed out too.

As for us, Johnny Russell and Jamie Ward are the main threats. Both
flair players who can create something out of nothing. Apart from that, Chris
Martin and Conor Sammon will make nuisances of themselves, whilst Will Hughes
will try and orchestrate play in the middle with simple passes and clever
touches. Jeff Hendrick can be a threat too, he likes to go on marauding runs
and can score from distance.

Defensively, we ain't great. Our captain, Richard Keogh, is a good player.
He's strong in the air and is unerring with the timing of his tackles.

Srg: Who wouldn't like Jordan
Rhodes? Always rated Kazim-Richards too. (For us) Johnny Russell is the unknown, but
the buzz is there. Other than that, Hughes and Hendrick are our standouts.

North Stand Ram: I'd have Rhodes,
Taylor, Hanley and Dann in our starting 11. (For Derby) Hughes and Russell.

Travelling to this game? Check Out the BRFCS Away Guide

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The two players frequently mentioned, Will Hughes and Johnny Russell are really talented players. This should be a good game.

We drew 1-1 in the league there under Black (I think), then won there 3-0 in the FA Cup under Appleton (I think). Can't remember what the score was at Ewood. (Won 2-0)

Their message board was a very interesting read indeed! When everyone complains about our squad, reading Derby fans' markedly different views of our players was funny!

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Slowly but surely, Clough is putting together a decent team.

Football set-up at Derby is pretty good , in complete contrast to ours.

Unfortunately, can only see a pretty heavy loss of about 4-1, reflecting the club's disarray.

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Slowly but surely, Clough is putting together a decent team.

Football set-up at Derby is pretty good , in complete contrast to ours.

Unfortunately, can only see a pretty heavy loss of about 4-1, reflecting the club's disarray.

Firstly Mercerman, good to see you back on the MB. you are good poster even tho I don't always agree with you but would like to think we both respect each other views

think Rovers will win 2 nil with Rhodes and Rochina scoring!!!

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I'm missing this game because I booked to go to Munich in December before I knew the season would be so early. However I've found myself a pub in the centre of Munich showing the game :D

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I rate will hughes steady footballer and will deffo go higher

Apparantly russell is like goodwillie so will be interesting to see how he does this season for derby but i rate connor sammon think he will have a good season for them.

I'm sure top English sides have been linked with Hughes in the past. He was only 17 I think last season.

Russell has more potential than Goodwillie ever did. Can play up front or wide as part of a three. Very handy player, and one who'll also play in the Prem one day imo.

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The two players frequently mentioned, Will Hughes and Johnny Russell are really talented players. This should be a good game.

We drew 0-0 in the league there under Black (I think), then won there 3-0 in the FA Cup under Appleton (I think.

I'm pretty sure we won there under GB.

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0-0 bore draw

utter meltdown on here after the game.

Rovers currently have no steel or creativity in the middle of the park and the longer it is left unattended the more games we will lose. I only opted for the draw due to it being the first game of the season otherwise 3-0 loss

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I'm more hopeful than confident. My worries centre around team selection, with 4 things I'm worried about:

  • Dann's leadership or lack of it. I've been worried in pre-season that we seem to be sh1t at defending set pieces.
  • Left back. Kilgallon has to play there but it may stem our attacking instincts down that flank.
  • I'm happy for Lowe to start, provided he has Bannan alongside (if he signs) with the license & freedom to get forward. If Lowe & Marrow start together OR Bannan is signed & played in a defensive, creative, long passing role, I think we'll struggle.
  • Rochina. Simply must start.

If we can make the right decisions on the last 3 points & we can see an improvement in our defence of set plays, I'd fancy 3 points. Otherwise, it will be a tough afternoon.

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Who's going?

Looking forward to it, personally, and let's put pre-season behind us & get on with the real stuff. Don't expect us to take loads with it being on Sky.

Seem to remember we took a very decent following to Ipswich for opening day last year despite the 11 hour round trip, so I'd hope that we'd bring quite a few to Derby, tv game or not.

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