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[Archived] Rovers - Match Bloggers/Reporters

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Afternoon guys, just a quick message that I posted over on Rovers Talk, just wanted to drop in here and see if anybody was interested over here!

Afternoon lads and lasses,

Looking forward to the new season and hopefully taking the club back to the promised land.

I've signed up this afternoon as I'm looking for a bit of help in a different department to direct discussion about the playing team. During this off-season I have been trying to make time pass faster by keeping myself occupied building a little project I decided on a few months back. I have set my own Football Blogging website up that will be turned live this Saturday. The basic concept is that the site would become the footballing hotbed of 'match reports' so that fans from ourselves and the others in the 72 can keep an eye on the opinions and the 'on pitch' side of things with other teams.

I myself don't actually get to many more than 11-12 games per season and for those reasons I wouldn't be able to write all match reports. So I was actually hoping to pop on here and a couple of other 'Rovers sites to see if anyone would kindly be willing to help me out.

In terms of content, I obviously wouldn't be looking at any kind of 'novel' or anything along those lines, so don't worry if something like being a genius is putting you off icon_e_wink.gif. I'd probably be looking at the following;

- A paragraph on team news, player and team form.
- A couple of paragraphs on each half
- A run through of key players
- A rating from 1-10 of the squad that make the pitch.

I've been looking around our Twitter at a few lads that seem to do a bit of journalism but haven't managed to find anyone that would be interested in doing ours yet. Because not everybody can make every game of the season a couple of us, or indeed as many as would be physically possible would be superb.

So anybody up for helping me out?
If you could respond in this thread or get back to me via PM.

My Email Address - Cradford92@gmail.com
Twitter - Crad92

Cheers lads, bring on the season now - Canny wait!

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