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[Archived] Rovers vs Forest Saturday 10th August 3pm Kick Off

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A bit of a reality check today for some of the people going OTT regarding our half-decent thirty minutes against Derby last week.

Much like last season, we're a team devoid of character or creativity. We're painful to watch and will do well to stay in the division this year - that should be our only aim. Unfortunately due to our horrific debts and the impending reduction of parachute payments we could soon find staying in the division simply isn't enough.

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Wait? Are you mocking people who overreact to one single result?

Cause I sense irony...

....no. I'm saying this is what you get when you think everything is dandy and "we have got our Rovers back." The humiliation and the misery will continue as long as Venkys are here, this is a fact of life.

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Why we didn't bring Dunn on and we brought chuffing King on I'll never know. Nothing in midfield, Chris Taylor having a good game, come offfor sh1thouse King.

And Amarillo- he dropped the ball, Mackie stole in and passed to Henderson who obliged.

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