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2 hours ago, Vinjay said:

Certain people on here were unhappy about being wrong on public Brexit vote and how a referendum would have a different outcome. They were unhappy about Corbyn's thrashing. They can prepare to be disappointed about this as well. Not the impeachment vote but the ultimate outcome.

Whilst I do think Philip’s monologue in here is always a good read, he’s only the third president in history to be impeached. 
That’s pretty unusual, whatever way you look at it.

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Just now, Mike E said:

He'll be impeached, but that's ultimately meaningless because he'll not be talked into stepping down.

Even if he DID, we end up with a religious fundamentalist (Pence) as the most powerful politician in the world. It'd be like Abu Hamza running Saudi Arabia or something.

Yep, out of the frying pan and into the fire.

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5 hours ago, old darwen blue said:

Wheres Phil, I would have put money on him posting on here as soon as the first vote result was out?

Probably sleeping, I’d guess, looking at the time of the post...

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8 hours ago, OnePhilT said:

I think this will backfire on the Democrats big time. It's unlikely that the Senate will find him guilty, and Trump will absolutely rip them to shreds over it. Four more years.

I completely missed the tide on Trump in 2016. What hasn't changed since then is his support. He hasn't been able to expand his reach beyond his core voters and they don't care what he does. Nobody really knows what will happen until his opponent is fixed. There are too many Democrats running to ascertain a consensus. How many voters who stayed away last time will vote Democrat this time? Republicans were hammered in the mid terms, but Trumps name on the ballot will bring people out.

You are right that the Senate won't touch him unless more nefarious deeds come to light. I'm no expert but there is probably a lot more out there.

The news this morning is touching on the House delaying sending the impeachment articles to the Senate.

Whatever happens Trump's legacy will be impeachment. it will always be mentioned when talking about him. He doesn't like that.

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10 hours ago, OnePhilT said:

I think this will backfire on the Democrats big time. It's unlikely that the Senate will find him guilty, and Trump will absolutely rip them to shreds over it. Four more years.

That's the big risk. Many Democrats are also uneasy about impeachment - knowing that when it is rejected by the Senate it will harden his support and attract the sympathy of wavering voters. Trump's doesn't like anyone getting one over him - his revenge on those who have crossed him will be severe.  Pelosi had better be ready. Funny that he calls the Democrats the radical left -  he needs a pep talk from Jeremy

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41 minutes ago, old darwen blue said:

Thought he’d be all over it as evidenced by his enthusiastic shall we say posting in this thread?

Oh aye, was only being jovial!

I do think as Phil T alluded to though, this impeachment biz will backfire.

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On 20/12/2019 at 13:20, Vinjay said:

Because I can't see him willingly resigning unless it's a serious health issue such as a terminal illness.

I can't even see that. If he had his way, power would only pried from his cold, dead hands.

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Factually, Pelosi is withholding the articles of impeachment until McConnell actually schedules a trial as required by the Constitution.

Trump has committed seven impeachable offenses but there are just two approved so far. So if McConnell holds a sham trial the Dems will simply impeach Trump again.

Criminal and other cases are proceeding regardless and with vigour.

There are many many weeks between now and the Presidential election for 

- Trump's taxes to be exposed

- Trump's multiple frauds to leak

- people under arrest facing trial or yet to be arrested to plea bargain

- the Cohen canary's song to be fully revealed

- Trump's sexual crimes to be exposed

- Trump's emoluments crimes to piss off key supporters

- Giuliano, Parnas etc to blow up rather than be a smoking fuse

- Trump to commit a bunch of more crimes like he found a way to.criminally mess up in Ukraine last year in addition to all the other boiling shit he is in

- the inevitable unexpected events which drag down incumbents

Two things to watch is that for the criminal underworld, they calculate personal advantage moment by moment coldly. They could calculate Trump is disposable if his crimes and demented response become too much of a liability and threat to them.

Secondly Putin cannot beat the west so uses subterfuge to sow disruption in all camps. So he plays inside Republicans and Democrats, owns Johnson and Corbyn etc. It is clear from Russian media that the two memes on Trump are 1) we own him.and 2) laughing at him.

Typical Russian tactics would be to support Trump to close to his re-election then plunge the States into total chaos by leaking the choicest Kompromat they hold over him..


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