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[Archived] Rovers V Burton Albion Game Thread.

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Probably not much point starting one as the football is a sideshow now or circus looking at the other night. It was always going to find it's way to the pitch eventually in terms of idiocy.

This would have been the perfect game to finally get the season going but for that shambles at Cardiff. Think we might give Coyle something to crow about here and save his sorry arse a bit longer.

Rovers 1 Burton 1

With whatever they bring scraping the crowd just over the 10k mark as announced (8k actually in the home sections)

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Burton are nobody's mugs and Clough will know how to handle any team put out by Coyle.

The fans will think Burton will be there for the beating but Burton will be too strong even if Coyle sets up a team to play well which in current circumstances is highly unlikely.

HT 0-3 and anybody's guess as to whether there will be any Rovers supporters back in their seats when the second half starts.

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Rovers win.

Have backed them at 11/8 with my 'fun' bet at 4-2 to Rovers at 100/1.

Just like Kean, think Coyle will have the habit of finding a win just when he needs it most.

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Can't call this one, but I'm plumping for a fourth consecutive loss.

Wonder what the record is for worst start to a season

Don't know if true, was going to look it up in the rovers bible earlier but got side tracked

#Blackburn have lost their 1st 3 #EFL matches this season. They've never lost opening 4 in their history before. #Burton up next for #brfc.

and some other gems (or should that be wee gems)

Owen Coyle has now lost 71 of his last 150 lge games as manager of #BRFC, #HoustonDynamo, #wafc, #bwfc & #Burnleyfc (47%)

Owen Coyle has won just 44 of his last 150 league games as manager of #BRFC, #HoustonDynamo, #wafc, #bwfc & #Burnleyfc (29%)

Can see why he jumped the queue to take the hot seat, and looking like the v's might break another Rovers record

So if we move FKW record over the last 150 league games to a full championship season we could be roughly looking at 13 wins 12 draws and 21 defeats - 51 points which based on last season might see 19th or 20th position

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Not remotely fussed to be honest. I'm back home and won't be stepping foot inside the ground.

An early goal and things will get nasty. If Burton score early I think the floodgates will open, as confidence will drop and our disorganised rabble will be picked off.

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  • Backroom

Never want us to lose a game and whilst I'm there I will be desperate to win I can't help but think a loss would be the greater good (yes the greater good) here.

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I've always been delighted when a Rovers youngster that has come through the academy and makes his full debut and even more so that it might be Scott.

But I really sympathise for him, or anyone if they have to come into the middle of all this chaos. Good luck lad if you do, I'm sorry that I won't be there to cheer you on.

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Burton's confidence will be sky high after the other night when they thumped Wednesday.

Rovers 1 - 2 Burton. Absolutely no faith in a team set up by Owen Coyle. He's lost the dressing room in the 2nd week of the season...that must be some kind of record!??

We've had a reputation in previous seasons of getting a win when it was desperately needed....can't see it this time though with a captain who apparently isn't liked or respected by his team mates on the pitch.

For what it's worth I think the team will be:





Lowe (urrrgh)







It's going to get very hostile in Ewood I suspect...

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This statement should go down well.

"So, if you have Blackburn Rovers at heart, back the boys and make plenty of noise"

Divide and conquer tactics deployed by the club.

Why aren't they calling on the owners to back the club instead of leaving it rot?

"So, if you have Blackburn Rovers at heart, stop spitting on Jack's Legacy"

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