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[Archived] A Simple Gesture Says A Thousand Words - #redcardtovenkys Brentford This Saturday


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'Fed up of a struggling team and mounting debt'

Says the Scousegraph totally omitting again the real anger towards the way the club is run and lack of any communication, selling of every good player and replacing with lesser and complete lack of any direction.

Alongside the propaganda they are currently spewing every night with Feeney making the back page his own it's no wonder questions are asked of this rag or more to the point it's 'reporters'.

I caught that too, a blatant attempt to sweep what really irks us under the rug. Making it seem like we are just upset at results, they are in bed with the Venkys not the people that keep their rag afloat. Alf must be turning in his grave.

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If simple "red cards" confuse the Loons in Pune maybe a quick Google for "Big Bird flipping the Bird" will give ideas.

Its a big chicken sending a message thats universal.

Some images come with suggested wording....I wanted to post some but a bit OTT for the pc

Maybe Big Bird should be the WAR sign.......

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From "Get West London"

Blackburn fans were in protest mode against owners Venky's before and during the game.In the 18th and 75th minutes they showed red cards directed at the owners, who have overseen a decline during their ownership.Football needs to rid itself of owners such as Venky's, Roland Duchatelet, Francesco Becchetti among others.It's time for a strong fit and proper persons test to ensure that clubs and, especially the supporters, aren't treated poorly.

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Glad the team won for all those, who went in.

Lots of people accepted red cards on the way in. But plenty on active ignore as well. One gentleman stopped to remonstrate with me, asking if I was aware that in "their" culture red cards meant welcome. "Post- truth" huh?....

What a prick he was then it's OUR culture OUR team .. they are welcome .....



Welcome to feck off whence they came .. scum

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Yes but rather less inspiring. Although no less scathing of Venkys.

This is what they've reduced us to...


Must admit Stuart a tear welled up in my eye at that photo.

Venkys, what have you done? What have you done?

Admit your mistakes and be gone, be gone.

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Another turnout where you could probably fit everyone attending easily in one stand which has a capacity of 8k yet they announce the crowd as 10500 or more :blink:

With possibly the smallest away crowd so far this season they are trying to make believe about 5/600 more home fans have pitched up ! Pull the other one.

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The figures announced to the public are vastly different to those recorded and handed over to the EFL/HMRC. Most clubs give the public figure as overall sold tickets, including ST's and freebies whether they attend or not. The figures reported to the official bodies are on turnstile clicks only.

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