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As the 2015/16 Premier League season is over let's start afresh.

Vardy to Arsenal seems to be where the 15/16 thread is so I'll go with that.

Why not go? He gets more money, Champs League football - more than likely until the end of his career, and the opportunity to swan around the training ground showing off his league winners medal to all those Arsenal players who've never seen one. It's also good news for Fleetwood if they do get 25% of the fee.

Leicester City's win was a miracle. They'll struggle next season. The big boys will all be back.

Edit: Can we close the 2015/16 thread?

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I posted this in another thread but an Everton connection tells me they have made an offer for Scott Dann of around £17 million. If this actually happens the Rovers will get around £2 million of it.

Weetabix all over my monitor. Surely he means £1.7m????????

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United looking to swap Darmian for Matic, Dont know who would be getting the better deal. I reckon Chelsea, as im not convinced so much about Matic

I've honestly never been that sold on Matic, despite all the lauding he got the season before last. He's a good player but not amazing as he was made out to be.

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Asset stripped? Who, where, what?

Leicester are in danger of doing what we did. Now is the time to strengthen and go on from there not to cash in and fall by the wayside like Rovers.

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You know this because

I don't think anyone could say they "know" but in terms of opinion I don't think JR would score many in the top level. I think he deserves a shot but he lacks the pace and/or physique.

I think you need one or the other to succeed personally but I'd be happy to see him prove me wrong.

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Vardy signs new deal at Leicester


Must admit I thought he was gone, but all credit to him for staying at Leicester, not sure many players would turned down Arsenal at 29yrs old.

He's signed a 4 year deal so you'd have to say he's passing up on his last chance to move to one of the 'Big' Clubs.

Good on him.

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