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I don't know why they give out enough information to find out who it is but don't put the name out there.

Not sure of any details on why he's been arrested, some speculation (and it is just that) that he was "sexting" a 15 year old. 

Too late now, everyone knows who it is and no matter what happens now, he's name is in the mud and presumably his career is done as well.

Obviously, if he's guilty then he should be punished accordingly and his career would deservedly be over but what if he's actually innocent though? He's never going to shake this and the abuse he'd get from the stands would be unbelievable.

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On 20/07/2021 at 12:35, Mattyblue said:


Heard this morning that he'd been with a hooker but she was 15, they tried to blackmail him for £1m but he refused. Looking at 4 years and out of Everton. Obviously no idea whether this is true or not.

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I knew someone who was in a night club in Manchester with some friends. A handsome black haired chap kept waving her over to join him. She said to her mate, "Look at that big head. Who does he think he is?"

She was told it was George Best. She said, " I don't care who it is. He can sod off."

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