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The time lag doesn’t matter one bit. Just stay off Twitter until HT/FT and mute any ‘goal alert’ apps for 90 mins.   

As a 1960's vintage Rovers fan who has lived in the US for many years I am delighted by this development - even if we get relegated. I was resigned to Saturday being the last match that I could watch

Neil Yardley is a proper Rovers man, can nobody remember the boring bastard that did commentary before him around the millennium time?  Plus, since the Venky induced cuts has led to a scrapped Ro

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12 minutes ago, philipl said:

came back in time for the Stoke goals.

Watching it on VPN in Shanghai.

Might have been all those Chinese Man Utd supporters checking their streams not faulty after Wolves equalised on 53 minutes hogging the network :)

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On 18/09/2018 at 21:22, Bigdoggsteel said:

So for those saying I could watch a sky sports red button game on a laptop, I can't. Unless I am doing it wrong. I can only watch the games that are on the actual channels 

Not sure about the laptop, but I have watched midweek games through my phone. So I imagine it is similar. All the red button games were available to view from the same web-page, but it took a bit of googling to find it. I've found the picture to be much better on the phone, than the SD on a 50-inch TV.

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Now that I think - It needs to run through the Sky Sports mobile app (which I had to download) - so that probably explains it working on the mobile, and not laptop. But if you don't have access to the television (like when I take the kids to bed), it's handy to switch to the mobile, and the picture on a modern mobile is decent.

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4 hours ago, philipl said:

This midweek and televised games lark means I buy game by game on ifollow. It killed any value for money from a season subscription.

The season subscription still works out good value even with midweek and televised , even at lets say at most ,half the games fall into televised and midweek, the remaining  at overseas match day pass prices at  the equivalent of 5 GBP a game = 130 GBP,  a full season subscription is the equivalent  of 110 GBP.

Not checked but I would hazzard a guess at most only a third of games would fall into that category, with only eight scheduled mid week rounds in the championship

Obviously it was better value last season when the chances of games being televised in L1 was slim

Do you have access to red button midweek games in Malta?


Edit : Maths - 23 games x 5 GBP = 115

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I have never had a Sky subscription. In fact have lived without a TV for 17 years.

Also have to factor in that I am often busy or travelling when games are on so I miss a proportion of the iFollow covered matches.

Of the 46 games, probably 12 get Sky coverage so that leaves 34. So need to watch more than two thirds of the other games which for me makes it break even at best.  


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On 03/10/2018 at 23:57, islander200 said:

If you have a sky subscription you can watch it on the app on your mobile phone or tablet 

But on a TV I think you need a SkyBox. There are of course other ways of getting SkySports through other providers such as TalkTalk (the red button doesn't work if you pay for a SkySports subscription through TalkTalk for example).

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