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I wish someone would question him as to why Elliot Bennett gets a free pass every week then.

There's too many people here who's views are extremely one side or the other. No middle ground.  You presume I dislike Mowbray because I dont feel we have developed our young players, but I have not o

The continued refusal to play him, especially at home, is criminal IMO. It's not like we are an effective attacking force blowing teams away without him. I'd wager half our goals this season have occu

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9 minutes ago, arbitro said:

Does anybody know if it's a recurrence of his hamstring injury?

Rovers twitter account and Rich Sharpe both said he went for sprint and pulled up and signal to Johnson to come off. 

Really shame for the lad. 

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That’s the last we’ll see of him as a Rovers player but you have to worry for his career now.

For some players pace and hamstrings just don’t go well together 

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19 minutes ago, den said:

He’s confirmed himself on Twitter that it’s the same hamstring problem


Really feel for the guy..such a promising careerahead and it looks like it might be blighted by injury.

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Gutted for the lad more than us. Sounds a bad injury to have so young. Michael Owen was never the same after he did his. 

He must not come back to football until his hamstring is 100 percent ready even if it's a year. Coming back too soon could be a career ender. 

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11 hours ago, dallydally said:

Devastating news. May well be the end of his football career

I guess it depends if he has already had surgery to fix the problem.

If he hasn't then that would be the next step. It would mean a long recovery process but I think it is a generally successful procedure these days.

Wish him all the best and hope we see him in Blue and White next year.

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13 minutes ago, mrsusan said:

theres a starman playing on the right, his  name is harry chapman and his hamstrings gone all tight.

Ouch. Poor taste that Mrs.

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3 hours ago, Tyrone Shoelaces said:

That's a real shame, so sorry for him. It's that sudden  burst of acceleration that brings it on. I would have thought he would have been doing sprints in his recovery period. To be honest I was surprised he was being risked on a really cold night.

He was desperate to play for us again, and that’s heart rending. Can’t see him in a rovers shirt anytime soon, what a pity. He’s one we took to, and not many starts at that. What could have been, alas

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Feeling desperate for the lad.

Terrible news.

Hope he recovers 100% and comes back stronger than ever.

I know we were gutted when we heard he had two years on his contract but so pleased for him that he has.



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