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One of the things we've been looking at doing is getting local businesses involved in BRFCS. We've got a brilliant market - this website gets hundreds of individual hits each day from Rovers fans around the world, but mostly in the Blackburn region and mostly Rovers fans that are going to games.

Theres two ways we could push local business. The ads you see on the top and bottom of the website (currently being ran by Google) and the Podcast.

The reality, is the ads you see on the website currently (mostly filled with large retailers) are probably unaffordable for smaller, local companies (although could potentially become affordable if a larger company was interested, or a group of smaller companies put their ads on rotation). These adverts have a value on them based on what they currently earn the website - if I decide to remove them then the gap will need filling.

A more realistic way of advertising, is podcast sponsorship. Its an upcoming market, which is growing quickly. We could put it out to anyone via one of the podcast sponsorship bidding websites - but we would love local sponsorship, even if its on a podcast by podcast basis and even if it generates less money than selling the space to an American razor company. 

We can provide stats to anyone interested in sponsorship in either format. Send me a PM if you would be interested. We will be able to strike a deal!

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41 minutes ago, Bigdoggsteel said:

How many downloads does the podcast get on average if you don't mind me asking? Are we talking hundreds or thousands? 

I listen to a lot of podcasts, it seems squarespace, audible and meundies sponsor practically all of them! Although for some reason the British army advertise on some Irish podcasts, which is a bit odd, but anyway. 

It's really hard to tell because only Apple give any data. So it excludes everyone android, plus everyone listening on the forum link. I'd say we're looking at anywhere between 400 and 600. But that's without advertising - any money raised would be invested back in as BRFCS is non profit.

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As suggested in the relevant admin thread about a week ago, will it be beneficial to direct member traffic to various Rovers related twitter/news sites THROUGH the home page?

Perhaps include Rovers Trust updates on there too?

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