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[Archived] Toilet breaks during lessons.

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4 hours ago, J*B said:

What exactly would your thoughts be, if a child wet themselves in your class due to your rules, then spent the next 8 years being bullied for it?

You think so? Its possible but not all kids are sadistic brats. Most will forget after a couple of days.

As for the rule itself absolutely kids should be allowed. If they are badly behaved generally and deliberately take too long then punish them another way. I'm surprised that in today's society its not been made an official law. Schools are probably softer now than they were when I finished over 14 years ago but that rule is stone age. Of course it depends on the schools policy but if that's the case then teachers can try to persuade them otherwise. Parents should really insist on it being allowed as well.

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14 hours ago, Missjacrover said:

Hi, I am a primary school teacher (year 2) and don't let children go to the toilet during lessons.

What is your opinion on my policy? Would you have a problem with this rule for your child?

You must be on the wind up.

If not however, you don’t allow 6/7 year olds to go to the toilet during a lesson?

Seems like a crazy rule. 

If my child said she needed to go and you denied her and she wet herself, I’d be livid. 

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