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Venkys London Ltd accounts

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4 hours ago, phili said:

It's a difficult situation with them.

They didn't really have the available cash to continue investing with Flybe etc consuming more of their investment capital as well as other issues following the financial crash. Also at the time the Walker family were suing the trust for financial mismanagement.

The trust found a billionaire family to take on the club and unfortunately assumed they were competent business people who would continue the running of the club in a similar way to they way they had. They should probably have done more to explain the situation to them about agents running the club, how that would be illegal, double standard two face liars of agents, explained if you are relegated from the Premier League, you're are screwed so important to keep in it etc. 

At the end of the day, once it is sold and it up to the new owners to run the business as they see fit and there is not a lot you can do to stop them doing so.

Way too much credit being given to the Walker Trust, we were on the decline as a Club well before they left, the taps had been turned off completely and even when they were putting in relatively small amounts to cover losses it would never have been anything which put their own Finances at risk.

Also the Family was the Trust. It wasn't some separate mysterious shadowy entity.

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£200000000+ to take a football club from an established Premier League outfit to this rusting shell. Bravo to all involved  👏

If only they had tuned up on day one and told John Williams and Tom Finn that they were going to invest £250 million pounds over the next 7 years (in addition to all the TV income) and charged them wi

Stuart is right.  This is like what happened with Bolton, we are not in debt to any financial institution but we are in debt to Venky's and if they decide to recall that debt then we will be in big tr

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7 hours ago, 47er said:

Walkers don't come out well from all that has happened though?

That's more down to them not caring enough about the great mans wishes or having the desire to carry on his good work.

Regardless, everything that has happened has happened on Venkys watch.  They didn't get left owing million in hidden debt or transfer payments. They created something like a 10 million pound black hole in the first 6 months.

In a previously -5 million per season loss making entity with 30 million guaranteed income.

The buck starts and stops with them, the greedy disinterested uncaring Walkers are an afterthought by now.

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10 hours ago, Miller11 said:

The Walker family certainly contributed. Couldn’t wait to offload us and practically gave the club away to the idiots.

If they’d continued to put in £5 million a year for another 3 years, or even just allowed us to increase the debt level from 20-35 million things could’ve been oh so different. They didn’t even need to be benevolent, just respectful. I’m confident John Williams would’ve ensured we retained our top flight status even if he was instructed to make savings, and 2013 saw the TV money go to absolutely mental levels. The deal doubled from 1.5 to 3 billion.

Their short sightedness and lack of respect for Jack’s legacy opened the door for Venky’s complete incompetence to set us back decades and cause probably irreparable damage. Shameful from all involved.

Yes---buck started with the Trust and carries on with Venkys.

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