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Bradley Dack

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4 hours ago, Ulrich said:


68 in a 60, a motorway as well is hardly ban worthy imo. The rozzers should try catching criminals.

Dack wasn't banned for doing 68 in a 60 per se. He was banned under the totting up procedure. Typically, 11 points is the maximum allowed, and 12 points generally tips a motorist into a period of disqualification.

Dack was on 14 points prior to his latest episode, which means that he seemingly avoided being banned on a previous occasion, probably by using a clever lawyer, lots of mitigation and a promise to be a good boy from now on etc.

He is now theoretically on a whopping 17 points and a ban is entirely warranted.

I assume your "rozzers" comment was a somewhat light hearted, stereotypical anti police comment. Road users everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief that the menace that is Bradley Dack behind a wheel will be chauffeur driven for a while. 

Oh, the rozzers did catch a criminal a few years ago when Dack attacked one of them and was convicted of assault and criminal damage.

I yield to no one in my admiration of Dack as a footballer, but come on!


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68 is a 60 isn't Brand's Hatch type driving but to get to 14 points prior to that is a feat. His insurance premium must have been exorbitant. 

Dack is missing something upstairs. I'm sure that he narrowly missed out on prison a few years back because he kept missing court dates for a previous infraction. Mowbray was his star witness when he finally did turn up. 

Is it the trappings of privilege or is he just thick? 

It's a debate as old as professional sport; should players be role models. I say no, but they are on a pedestal and are treated as such.

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23 minutes ago, Ulrich said:

Defo in the 90s, wayback long ago, no court appearance either.  It used to be a driving offence only. The court part came  a few years earlier when I was charged with drink driving, which still cost less in both ban and fine than todays charge for doing 100.  Lot less cars on the roads back then and better drivers, the standard these days is awful.

It wasn't a brag, it was point made to show how severe the penalties are getting these days. Children.  

But you stated doing over 100 would result in a 2-year ban, which just isn't true. The fine is based on your weekly income, and which band you fall into. Go to the Sentencing Guidelines website! Nothing to do with football I accept, just to put the record straight.

Hence Jack Grealish received an £80,000 fine when banned last December, his weekly wage must be £120,000, less a third credit for a guilty plea!

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