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Billy Wilson RIP

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2 hours ago, Tyrone Shoelaces said:

I'm surprised by that Phillip. I've seen loads of photos of the area and only very rarely seen anyone stood there.

Most of the time that area was bare for me too. I made the big mistake of going to that area thinking I would get a place on the terrace when we played Burnley in the 6th round replay of 1960 and going through the turnstile 10 minutes before kick-off.

Ha! The ground was so packed I kept trying to push my way in from the top of Spion Kop. I didn't see some of the pitch for all of the game. We won 2-0 after extra time. 52,000.

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I just joined the site to acknowledge all the kind words in this thread about my dad Billy My sister came across it and sent it to me this pm. Dad sadly passed away on 21st following some surgery

Confirmed by his only other club Pompey that Billy Wilson a popular Rovers fullback of the 60s/early 70s passed away this week at a relatively young age of 71 Billy was a smashing player. The fir

Scott, just to add, in all my years watching Rovers I have never heard any Rovers fan, speak in any way other than with high regard for your Dad. There are only a select few players that fit into

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3 hours ago, Tyrone Shoelaces said:

I'm surprised by that Phillip. I've seen loads of photos of the area and only very rarely seen anyone stood there.

It was where I went with my neighbours from Sunnyhurst.

Walk down to Ewood and enter by the Darwen End turnstiles, go through the Darwen End and stand there.

Ideal for an 11 year old to get a safe uninterrupted view. 

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6 hours ago, Leonard Venkhater said:

Me too. That was where it all seemed to start in my mind. 

That Leicester game !

I still remember seeing the Darwen End suddenly empty on Rovers' equaliser.

A few minutes later, all these vacuous skinheads appeared, out of breath from the dash to the Blackburn End. From memory, I think they had actually left the ground and re-entered at the Blackburn End, as if they were latecomers.

By the next season in the third division, looking over your shoulder had become a horrible, but necessary fact of life.

Thank God, it was different for my kids. I do miss the biblical hordes and the atmosphere in the old terraces though..E for B and McNamee etc

Leicester Brolly Boys did indeed materialize in the Blackburn End out of the ether, spoiling a damn fine game as I recall where Eammon inspired a comeback from 0-2, the only time I remember thinking we might avoid relegation.

When Sunderland charged the Darwen End en-masse, I and quite a few others rapidly joined the pensioners in the Nuttall St stand cheapo seats.

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