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[Archived] PODCAST...end of season collaboration podcasts

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2 hours ago, Herbie6590 said:

Cheers...much appreciated 

It was a real pleasure to sit back and listen to insightful Rovers fans reflecting on pivotal moments along this season's journey...I am savouring this moment,( albeit with worries in the corner of my mind...) Someone focused on the away game at Rochdale.

I had seen the Doncaster home game and I was pretty low about what seemed to lie ahead.

Before the fixtures came out, I had already booked to go away with old college mates on the weekend that turned out to be the one of the Rochdale game. This was a fixture that I would have been looking forward to- lots of good Spotland memories etc.

Anyway, I was sitting in a hotel bathroom at 3 am on the Sunday-as you do! My phone started pinging and someone had sent me several  video clips of that huge Rovers following at Spotland.

Those songs! Revivalism or what!

It was an emotional moment, when I was old enough to know better! I think this was when I saw-even after all these years of abuse- how much love was still out there for our club- if only they would capitalise on it. 

Mowbray and the team certainly did their bit and the positive/togetherness vibe seemed to grow, week on week, especially away from home.

Like others, I will be watching the next few weeks carefully...no need to explain that.


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