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Ep 97 - My Barber Rates Jacob Davenport

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A new season, a new series of podcasts, new theme music, a new panelist...you can't say we're not trying ?

A cast of thousands on this episode all wanting to have their say & predict the Rovers likely finishing position upon our return to the Championship. Listen right to the end as the last 2 guests have their own section. 

Your host Ian Herbert tries to keep order as Josh Boswell, Kamy, Mike Delap, Michael Taylor (the Marple Leaf), Linz Lewis, Jen Bellamy (new signing) & guests Scott Sumner & Tom Schofield are fuelled with pre-season bonhomie.

Massive thanks to Joe Bamford (Biz) & his band "The Symmetry" for providing us with our own theme music for this season. We'll hopefully hear more from Joe & the band as the season progresses...

Listen out for some acronym related high jinks as one panelist mixes up the EDS at Man City with the EDL...both have some right-wingers...but...well you know...

Hope you enjoy & if anyone fancies contributing a first or favourite Rovers memory, or a Revisionist Rovers item for a future episode, that would be great.

Episode here :-


...and in iTunes feeds as well...please make sure you subscribe & please leave us a review...it really does help us.



Feedback & ideas welcomed & many thanks to those who have offered (& submitted) contributions already.


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There needs to be a counterpoint to have a debate ? I know my place as a cynical old git ?


More seriously, I did say that if we brought pace in & cover for DG we would finish higher....so fingers crossed.


A good start is vital I feel...??

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Yet another top production! Well done to all. 

About 3 weeks ago I also started reading Roverschat and listening to the 1875 podcasts so good to see them contributing to BRFCS Pods. 

The Tom S. lad comes across well.  If he doesn't go to journalism then maybe go for a degree in football admin etc,  a Rovers CEO in the making!

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