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At Blueboy's request he would like some proper match threads ... He may have a point! Below is a list of our upcoming fixtures, if you'd like to start the thread for each please shout up. Opposition fan interviews, stats, history - whatever it is, let's see it!

Rovers vs. Reading, Weds 22nd August

Rovers vs Brentford, Sat 25th August - @blueboy3333

Rovers vs Lincoln, Tues 28th August - Biz

Bristol vs Rovers, Sat 2nd September - K Hod

Rovers vs Villa, Sat 15th September - proudtobebluenwhite

Derby vs Rovers, Tues 18th September - Mike E

Stoke vs Rovers, Sat 22nd September - Dreams of 1995

Rovers vs Forest, Sat 29th September. - Dreams of 1995

Rovers vs. Sheff Utd

Bolton vs Rovers

Rovers vs Leeds - Big Dogg

Swansea vs Rovers - Biz

West Brom vs Rovers - Dreams of 1995.

Rovers vs QPR

Rovers vs Rotherham

PNE vs Rovers

Wigan vs Rovers

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6 minutes ago, philipl said:

Anything to give us an edge! Although if we don’t get some bodies back before the game then can’t say I’m looking forward to it. 

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On 08/09/2018 at 19:08, Mike E said:

Shall I wait til the immediate aftermath of the Villa game to post the Derby one?

Thanks Mike! 

We've got Sheffield United, Bolton and Leeds coming up without names against them.. does anyone fancy it?

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