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Rovers Review of 2018...suggestions please...

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Collecting anecdotes/memories for our Review of 2018 podcast which will be recorded on Saturday morning.


What are the Rovers highs & lows that have resonated with you this year ? 


Doncaster will be in there obviously as a high (& yesterday almost certainly as a low...)...but what else, however small, that might not have been noticed by the majority or was personal, made an impression on you...? GO ! ??

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Low- Doncaster at home. I really thought we were headed for League 2. (OK in 2017 but oh my God I felt really LOW)

High- not even Rovers playing on the day but Shrewsbury's home defeat to Rotherham on 17 February after we had got that win at Pompey three days previously and had a run of 3 winnable games (we won all 3) coming up starting with Bury at home. That result was the first clear indication the Shrews were going to blow it and we could look forward to a relatively drama free run into automatic promotion.

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Beating posh at home on that Thursday night ,to me  that win said we were going up..

Doncaster was certainly a high and a one of the happiest journeys home i have had for a while..Lows were the Southend defeat as i have family down there and it was not a good evening in the one of the town restaurants..

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4 hours ago, Bbrovers2288 said:

For all the Doncaster joys, the game that sticks in my memory was the pboro game, down and soundly getting a bashing at half time, looked like we were going to have the wheels come off, dack and graham stepped up for a masterclass that had the corks hanging on by a thread ready to pop. 

I won £250 when Dack’s 93rd minute goal went in.

That, plus the circumstances - I thought I’d never come down from the ceiling.

5 days later at Donny and and we went through the roof!


Forget why we were there and what level it was - the tail end of that season was joyous.

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