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City or Liverpool to win the premier league

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Neither but if pushed City all day every day I cannot stand Liverpool and the their legions of armchair whinging victimised fans. They must've spent about 1 billion trying to win the Prem in the last 20 years, balls to em.

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Just now, old darwen blue said:

Personally I quite like watching City play so it’s them for me.  

Same but more importantly we've won the PL and Liverpool haven't. Don't want anyone different winning it ever really, although I wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't one of the "big six."

# Stillonlysixnamesonthepremierleaguetrophy

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City for me, the Liverpool fans I know tend to be decent types but as a collective they are truly insufferable.

The only comfort if they do win it is the likes of Carragher and Gerrard are no longer there to be part of it. 

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Liverpool, as their owner is slightly less scummy than the cheating, slave owning, human rights abusing City owners. City are a plastic team,at least Liverpool were once the top team in my lifetime, I don't know when Man City were more than a mid table team. I don't care about Liverpool not winning the premier league as Sky TV didn't invent football. I also don't like all the fawning and circle jerking over Pep Guardiola. 

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As a Citeh fan since 1998, of course Citeeeeeehhhhh all the way.

We saw how many of the Pool glory hunters crawled out from under the woodwork during the FA Cup replay 4 (holy crap!!!) year's ago. They are literally everywhere around here, like Woodlice.

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8 hours ago, philipl said:

Now swung back towards City.

Salah has lost his Mo and if he doesn't find it again immediately Liverpool will be out of everything before March is over. Liverpool lucky to have Dingles and  Fulham next in the Prem.

Tend to agree.  Nothing working for Salah at the moment and Klopp starting to look a wee bit tense. 

Edit: predictive tense had it as Sarah and Loop

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