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Kits 19/20  

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  1. 1. What should the home kit always be?

    • Royal blue and white shirt
    • Lighter blue and white shirt
    • Blue shorts
    • White shorts
    • Blue socks
    • White socks

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Just now, Stuart said:

I think it’s the most emphatic response to a kit launch that I can ever recall. Normally there are a fair amount of people who like it. (And not just to be “that person”).

Today would have been a good day to sell Dack and sign Charlie Adam and Jason Lowe!

Oh they’ll be plenty on facebook groups saying they do.


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The colour of the away shirt becomes more important given the number of occasions it is worn, sometimes unnecessarily. Forest away being the latest example. I'm sorry but there should be no circumstan

Stolen from Facebook but clubs/manufacturers really need to let their fans get involved in designing kits. You won’t please everyone but I think all of these are great - particularly how th

The 1960 FA Cup final shirt is a belter (you can also buy replicas in the Roverstore). It would be good to see something like that:  

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Just now, CambridgeRover said:

When you type in https://www.roverstore.co.uk/away-kit you get the new kit. 

Unless this is all a horrible prank

Really really hope it’s a prank but it would be a very elaborate one, copying the entire site and designing a minging kit.

Hopefully there is a very techy dingle teenager cocking his sides right now. Or it’s all just a bad dream.


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Just now, Mattyblue said:

Oh they’ll be plenty on facebook groups saying they do.


Not seen many to be fair. Half a dozen, and mainly kids. (From the immediate reaction).

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Just now, SIMON GARNERS 194 said:

Don't use that link....go to the official Roverstore via the club website...nothing there.

It’s just that they haven’t set up the shortcuts yet. I think you are still in the denial stage of the grief curve.

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Just now, Mattyblue said:

‘Just bought the new kit.... love it’

Blackburn Rovers Retweeted

Is it even on sale? Must be the home kit!

You’ll always get the odd person.

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Just now, JHRover said:

Do you think anyone at Rovers actually gives a stuff? I reckon Umbro could turn up with claret and blue zigzags and Rovers would sit back and allow it.

Far easier to just sit back and let events unfold than kick off about it.

Was it Preston who recently ditched their new away shirt because it was unpopular (much nicer than this). Wonder what odds on Rovers doing anything like that?

I certainly don’t think they care a jot, not now.

Its just basic things that get done so badly, Christ.

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Just thinking, it seems to me the pattern is pieces of the umbro logo , does it fall within FA regulations regarding permitted clothing /Kit Manufacturer advertising if it is ?(Section 12 (B) )


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