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Pre-season 2019/20

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Just now, S8 & Blue said:



It’s just greed. They’ll say, it’s cheaper than going but they aren’t seeing the bigger picture.

Make it £3.50 via PayPal and you sell hundreds, maybe thousands - even for a friendly. Instead they’ll get a handful. It’s no wonder illegal streams are so popular. The internet is such a convenient medium for delivery and consumption yet they try to price it like going to the cinema (£12 is too expensive for that!). Free streaming with ads - a model ITV has employed successfully for over 60 years - is the way to go for football coverage.

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1 hour ago, philipl said:

An acquaintance of mine runs a porn site and he would sell his granny into bondage to get that rate.

The equivalent of 'asking for a mate', you dirty boy. No wonder you work out of Malta ;)

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Just now, old darwen blue said:

Well I counted three good saves there from the Leut, do we really need two new goalkeepers?

Leutwiler looked competent today but still conceded two (with his blushes spared for the second). However, a number two should be pushing the number one every day in training. He certainly didn’t put any pressure on Raya.

The gk situation is a real worry and we need someone new between the sticks for the Bury game - assuming it goes ahead. Even now our first few games this season are going to be an experimental defence and that on its own may be enough to persuade Mowbray to stick with Jayson. A lot depends on this next couple of days.

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After a horrible journey up in what resembled a cattle truck (thanks to TPS) we had an enjoyable day and the game was one of the better pre season matches I have seen. I was looking particularly for the passing game that Mowbray seems keen to evolve but in the first half that passing game pretty much only involved Bell, Mulgrew, Lenihan and Bennett as they passed it to and fro to each other. The real impetus and change in tempo came with the introduction of firstly Travis quickly followed by several more youngsters. They ran with the ball, turned players, came inside and outside and generally ran Rangers around. A draw was probably a fair result although Rangers had the better of the chances.

I know it's still pre season but with the old guard in the first half we looked a million miles away from a high intensity passing team that Mowbray wants. The youngsters gave me some hope but I'd be stunned if he plays any of them ahead of some of the older, slower players.

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After todays game and with the personel on board the current starting eleven may well be this against Charlton:


Bennett, Lenihan, Mulgrew, Bell

Travis, Downing

Armstrong, Dack, Rothwell

Brereton or Gallagher upfront


Mulgrew was at fault for losing the marking of Defoe today and We need a good defender alongside Lenihan and a new keeper. If Walton signs he may start against Charlton.

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On 09/07/2019 at 10:29, oldjamfan1 said:

Personally I'd rather avoid that - it only takes one dickhead and Rangers have plenty of those among their support. Anyone coming up on the train can nip into either Kitty O'Sheas on Waterloo Street or there's a Wetherspoons on the corner of Hope Street and Argyle Street called the Sir John Moore, both literally right next to the train station. The Wetherspoons has scaffolding around it at the moment but it is still open as usual. There are also a couple of pubs on Hope Street between those two. We will have my partner's kids with us so are likely to be in the Wetherspoons (Kittys is my 'local' and there will be no Rangers fans in there!)

You were right, there was  one dickhead in the Louden as you said but unlike what you said, he was a Rovers fan, the rest of them were brilliant

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I hope some of the selections yesterday were more about getting certain players game time rather than what team is likely to start the first game. 

I know Mowbray has suggested that the first team will play together after todays game but it still does make me worry.

Travis and Rothwell would be first on the team sheet in midfield for me, I just hope he doesn't revert to type. If he drops Rothwell for Downing or Armstrong i'd be so annoyed, it'd be like he learned nothing from last season at all. 

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I eventually agreed to stump up the 12 quid yesterday to watch on Tv. I endorse pretty much everything already stated above; clearly a different animal with the introduction of youth late on. In fact the last twenty minutes or so was strongly reminiscent of the type of high pressing, high intensity game played under Johnson in the Academy matches I watched last year. I presume he was there yesterday? We certainly ended up more "Jonty" than "Mogga" in the closing stages.

I was alarmed to see the size and general ineffectiveness of Danny Graham. It might be that the new kit doesn't suit him, but he reminded me of Elvis in Vegas towards the end. Straggly unkempt hair, rotund of belly and moob and running on autopilot. I can't see him making the end of August either.

Gallagher and Brereton need to be ready to step up sooner rather than....



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To be fair, using pre season matches as a sign that a player is over the hill is a fool’s errand. Johnson looked like he was towing a caravan, but again it’s all about minutes at this stage.

Graham can’t get a kick in August and September then fair enough.


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On 18/07/2019 at 01:04, bluebruce said:

Saw this on the LT's live commentary at 8pm:

'Brereton getting some joy pulling off the Mansfield three centre halves'

Amazed the game wasn't called off at that point!

The next update was:

'Rovers very fluid in possession. Lot of interchanging of positions'

I'm sure this possession of fluids and switching positions could have been saved for some kind of after-match party. No wonder @S8 & Blue's match feed went down for a while.

Sounds like it happened again:

Rangers friendly was interrupted by porn

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18 hours ago, Vinjay17 said:

I would rather avoid any public house especially in Glasgow of all places. 

I had two cracking days and nights out in the pubs of Glasgow. Not a hint of trouble . Also every credit to the Lounden, a proper boozer.

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