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2018/19 Season Review - Scatter Graphics

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Found these online and thought they where really interesting - a full league review, images below...

Shot Dominance

The number of shots taken against the number of shots the opposition took


Attacking Effectiveness

Shot conversion, essentially. Bottom right is good, top left is bad. We come under languidly clinical, essentially didn't get lots of chances but took them.


Defence effectiveness

Exact opposite of above- top left is good - able to reduce opposition shots take more shots without conceding, bottom right is bad, opposition get lots of opportunity and take them. As predicted, we dont do well here. 2018-19-ch-def.png

Expected goals

The graph speaks for itself and sums up pretty much everything I thought about the year. Decent attack, poor defence.


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Excellent analysis and presentation.

The last one is something that it feels like Rovers have been guilty of for years and why many long-standing fans prefer Rovers to go on the offensive. We seem to have a pedigree for churning out attack minded players yet having managers who are overly cautious. Souey being the obvious exception.

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