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Barnsley started 2 new centre halves today. One signed from Belgium, one from Denmark. One 6’ 2, one 6’ 5, both aged 21. Players are out there, and not signing one to go straight into the first team i

Rothwell must be thinking it's time to move on at this point  

http://bit.ly/2LXwP0X “It’s harsh to say it’s the back four, or his fault and his fault." Didn't mind doing it to Raya though did you Tony. Can't be doing it to Bennett or Mulgrew though.

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Just now, imy9 said:

How is it no risk dropping your number 1 striker and top scorer from last season? 

Johnson the guy who started the play off final vs Villa? Yeah I think he is a tad better than Smallwood. 

Nice one imy. ??

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Just now, Exiled in Toronto said:

I suspect Downing-Gallagher is a training ground plan, let’s see if we score via Downing crossing to Gallagher’s head.

Four new signings picked on the first day, so they weren’t really signed just to provide a bit of competition for the regulars then.

That's the plan as I understood Mowbray comments earlier this week. I thought Downing would be aiming for DG to start with though.

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reckonVery disappointed that there’s no Rothwell but Downing didn’t sign to be on the bench all season... still expect a good win.  I’m hoping that Johnson will be a key player for midfield, helping defense and attack and being a big upgrade.

I’m not Gallagher biggest fan but I’m expecting that he’s come in a bit from last time he was here and will be keeping DG on the bench for most of the season 

4-1/2 I 

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19 minutes ago, Roverinbelfast said:

Sorry but you are talking absolute cr@p just to have a dig at the manager. Our most influential and dangerous player is Dack by a country mile. 

Don't avoid the point I was making and saying I'm talking crap mate. The point is Rothwell should be starting. No ifs no buts!

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Just now, imy9 said:

The sun is out, go and enjoy it buddy. Life is too short for someone to be this passive aggressive all the time x

Trust me I’m enjoying it.

You not at the game? I’m on holiday so I’ve got an excuse? What about you?

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