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New Season, Same Rules


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Clarification of the Moderation

For those feeling unjustly treated, let's try and make things more transparent.

Issue 1: Keeping Threads on Topic

This is to enhance the enjoyment of everyone using and reading the forum. If you're in the transfer thread, it's about transfers only. It's not about Tony Mowbray (that's the TM thread), it's not about the quality of opposition in the pre-season friendlies (that's the Pre-season thread), it's not about where the signings will play in the first game (that's the Charlton match thread) etc. etc.

Yes, there may be a bit of crossover from time to time, but if everyone tries to keep discussions to the relevant threads, chances are the Mods won't intervene. 

Issue 2: Opinions always being linked to persons or groups.

Example - "I think Ben Brereton is useless, will not be a success at this club, and won't get over 10 goals in any season." = No problem, that's a personal opinion. 

Example - "I think everyone that thinks BB can get double figures is an idiot, and knows nothing about football." = Problem. Not just a personal opinion, attacking others for their opinions. 

Issue 3: Moderation

Mods are here to try and make the messageboard run smoother for everyone. If you feel harshly treated don't spam the threads with it, DM someone in the Mod team, or address it in the Ask a Question section. Some-one will try their best to answer your queries. It's been said before but needs saying again, Mods also get involved in the general forum chat, and have opinions too. That is separate from their Moderation duties. If you don't like a Mod's opinion, deal with it like you would any other poster within the forum rules. If you don't like a Mod's actions in their responsibilities and duties, deal with it using the options listed above. 


Final Note: The last month or so has been a bit testing on the board. Not much football happening to discuss, and not as much transfer activity happening as most would like (particularly in the areas of the pitch most would like). But tomorrow, the football kicks off again, and we'll all have some different topics to moan or cheer about. 

We know it can frustrating for posters to get warnings, bans, and have some of their posts deleted.

If everyone tries to stick to the rules - particularly keep to the right threads, and not make things personal - then I think the Mods would have to intervene a lot less,and you would see less bans, and fewer posts going AWOL. 

Have a good weekend everyone, and here's to a very rare and long forgotten opening day of the season win tomorrow

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