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I’m sorry Paul, but it really has bewildered me that running Blackburn Rovers sensibly has been made to look as arduous as sewing in sparring mitts, but that is how it has been presented throughout th

The trouble is, this is a well-trodden route in the Copybook of Tony Mowbray. A week back, prior to Cardiff and following the utterly woeful and woebegone showings against Wigan and Barnsley, we neede

Anyone of a sensitive disposition should look away now...   I’ll preface what I’m about to say by saying that Buckley’s goal was a fantastic moment, and the most I’ve celebrated at Ewood for

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On 02/07/2020 at 07:23, JHRover said:

But unavoidable if the owners insist on investing only in attacking players and insist on 'leasing' the defensive positions.

But of course that's just a conspiracy theory. In reality every manager we've had has just not taken the defence seriously.....

Something which does actually point to the conspiracy theory having some merit

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2 hours ago, simongarnerisgod said:

word  from my mole at brockhall is that mowbray will definately call it a day after the final game,in his words "i cant get anything out of most of them,i tell them what to do on the training pitch and they do the opposite on match day"

So when he tells Gallagher to play in the centre he wanders off to the wing?

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In the final analysis, with Mowbray as Manager we have to over come the 20 points a season give away Mowbray's managerial balls ups cost us.

Very little to do with the players.  

Never going up under the burden of that.

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1 hour ago, Mashed Potatoes said:

So does Phil Brown - with Hull.

That must be double figures for the amount of times you’ve mentioned Phil Brown in the last 24 hours. Have you got a confession to make?

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21 hours ago, arbitro said:


It was called Four Dimensions of Greta and was the first 3D film I saw, not bad for the early seventies. It centred around a Brentford footballer who was a bit of a player (with the women that is) and lots of shots were in the ground. The actor made lots of 'big John centre forward' references as well as mentioning other players from the then Brentford team.

We saw it at the Odeon and as a group of adolescents were giggling through it. The O'Mara mention was the highlight ???.

Hahaha...Look what I found. And listen to the chant at the end!


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