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Middlesbrough (H)

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Just now, bluebruce said:

It really is. Come on. Kean? After the Spurs and I think it was Everton games where we didn't have a shot (I think we had one right at the end of one of them)? I don't mean on target, I mean at all. Then he basically came out and said we played well. Not even then?

Unfortunately so. Crazy thing to say but everything is so blindingly obvious and shite. Had enough of Mowbray and his tactics and his signings. 

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In other news, Bennett continues to be turned into the new Jason Lowe.

Chosen as captain for the wrong reasons Anderson selected out of position (ironically also at right back) despite being a liability there.

It will continue to divide fans when we need to be as united as possible.

Smacks of Mowbray simply defying fans to show who’s boss.

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Just now, Stuart said:

I just think that day is getting closer and closer.

I’ve completely lost patience with him. I can’t think of a decision that he has made since he got us promoted that has been successful.

Including the Charlton line up away in 2018.

Completely agree it's getting closer. Just wondering, what is your level of optimism the next Venkys roll of the dice will be better? Think I'd have already reached 'fire him' point if that grim spectre wasn't looming. I did for a while in that awful run after Jan.

I don't know how much more of these lineups and results I can take before I shake that grim spectre's ethereal hand though.

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Just now, Doogs said:

Dont go then. Great supporter you are..

I'm not. I think I'm proud to be a new Tombola Tony Boycotter (I might even make a Facebook page). The worst fans are the Happy Clappers that will put up with anything.

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—  . . .etc.


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The lad Gallagher is shite and 5 million worth of shite too. Quite how Mowbray saw fit to waste pretty much the whole budget on him (and Brereton beforehand) baffles me and now he shunts him on the wing as his ineffectiveness has become so apparent at the expense of a game changer in Rothwell.

His time has been up for a while, just hope there is someone at the club who will pull the trigger before we're too deep in the shit.

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Just now, ChrisPriceBaldSpot said:

I reckon we are going 4-4-2 diamond with DG and SG up top. 

Could be I think. Dropping Armstrong opens this up :







or actually we could line up 3412 :







I think given the players we have we will be shifting to two up top at some point.


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