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Quick Question About The Darwen End Flags

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Just a really quick one, I was flicking through some old pictures and videos of mine from a few seasons back and was reminded of the flags which where crowd funded and implemented in the Darwen End. One was of Jack Walker on blue background with the PL trophy, I think there were three in total. I remember chipping in towards them personally as many did from social media.

Does anybody know

a) if they still exist?
b) why they're no longer about? and
c) who organised it as I can't remember?

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The Jack Walker flag is kept in the stewards room in the DE.  As for the others they are nowhere to be seen; I donated towards them so I hope they are still around and safe.  We could always have them in the BBend.  Mind you there is no atmosphere in that stand also.

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I've gone back through my old pics of the last time I saw the flag. 

I remembered we had to buy another one for the 2018 season as the others had gone 'missing' (destroyed, probably) in the off-season. 

This must be the one that is reported to still be at Ewood. 

This pic was taken March 2018. 

Hope this helps. 


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