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“Rovers Revolution“ by John Duerden Launch at KGH 4/12

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You may recall John as a guest on Episode 112 of the podcast, well the book can now be ordered from deCoubertin Books following this link. The book is published on 27th November 2019.


It focuses on 1991-5 mainly, but references other periods of Rovers glory including the Howard Kendall years to provide a comprehensive story that will delight old & young Rovers fans alike.

Podcast link here:







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On 16/11/2019 at 07:32, Herbie6590 said:

The book is an ideal Christmas present for a Rovers fan, easy & enjoyable reading....(apart from my quotes ?).

My godson's accepted my subtle[?!] hint some months ago about Matt Jansen's memoir for Christmas.

He'll be getting chapter and verse on this for my birthday next March!

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On 26/11/2019 at 12:12, jackgbrown said:

Hi all,

Jack from the publishers (deCoubertin) here. Further to what Ian said, we have now received copies to our offices and so this is available to buy from our website: 



Hi pal, I ordered mine direct from your website when news was announced. Is it in order to bring it to the evening to get the players autographs on it?

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There's a few chapters free on Google. I'm probably not buying it because I don't know what type of stuff it will say (or for that matter anything I don't know already) but there was one comment (from a United supporting journalist) that sums up their ignorance. They go on about Shearer only joining for the money as if Dalglish (who had won titles unlike Ferguson then) was an irrelevance. Apparently Dalglish only joined for the money too and didn't have any intention or expectation of winning the League here. Yeah an absolute winner like Dalglish would have joined in such circumstances. ?

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