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Sheffield Wednesday (A)

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So, Adam Armstrong in respectable form, but so are Sheffield Wednesday as a team. I was fairly encouraged by the Preston game having trekked round Huddersfield, Forest and Birmingham in a 6 day period previously, it was MUCH better than those away games. 

  • Will we revert to type and crumble away from home?
  • Does Danny Graham get a start?
  • Bell or Downing at left-back?
  • What team would you go with this weekend?
  • Are you going to the game?
  • What's your score prediction?
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Fair play anyone making the trek for this one.

I'll be giving it a miss, I've pissed away a fortune over xmas following the team, I need a few weeks off I think.

I can see another 1-1 here, not much use to either team. Unless someone nicks a late winner, but I can't see that being us.

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Wednesday blow hot and cold. They've had some fantastic results recently like Forest and Leeds away but also some poor results in there.

I don't fancy us to get anything, but don't think it will be comfortable for them. I reckon 1-0 or 2-0, perhaps 2-1.

Hillsborough is one of and possibly my favourite away grounds in this League yet over the years this has been a poorly attended fixture. In theory it should be a popular one for Rovers fans yet we always seem to end up playing them in the second half of the season, often midweek, when we've nothing to play for. £30 tickets don't exactly help either.

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i love hillsborough,it `s a fantastic ground,however,im`e not paying 30 quid plus petrol money to watch us sit back and attempt to stifle the game the mowbray way,it`s a big wide pitch up there,rothwell and chapman would be in there element with all that space,chances are we`re going to lose anyway,so we might as well go and attack,extremely unlikely to happen though

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3 hours ago, chaddyrovers said:


Nyambe Lenihan Adarabioyo Bell

Downing Travis Johnson Rothwell

                 Armstrong Graham

Decent side, but Rothwell better on bench away from home, think I would put Armstrong on wing and Holtby behind Graham.

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12 hours ago, roversfan99 said:


Nyambe Lenihan Adarabioyo Williams

Travis Johnson

Armstrong Holtby Downing


To be honest, I can't see us getting anything sadly.

I like this but would put Bell in for Williams. Bells actually been one of the few better performers recently.

Also on Armstrong.... For my money he's going to score roughly the same from the wing as up front. We should leave him wide imo, as he is the one player who is truly effective there. We need to get a tune out of either Gallagher or Graham up front, or sign someone.

Also - is Nyambe fit? Huge loss if he doesn't make it.

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As much as I love my beloved club, as much as I think I know about football, tactics, formation, players who are suited to their best position I really struggle to see a balanced team that could sent out to do a job here.

3-5-2 or 4-4-2?

4-5-1 or 4-3-3?

SWFC will go 4-4-2 and will have that big lemon up front, the same lemon that likes scoring against a weak Rovers defence, that epitomises our weakness - height!

That suggests a 3-5-2 or 3-5-1-1 approach leaving one if the main CD to man mark the huge threat of Nuhui. If we go this way then Bell and Bennett have to support the forwards down the flank which leaves us wide open! Midfield wise choose from our usual suspects or alternatively play Mulgrew in front of a back 4 and try and accommodate a winger with Gallagher or Graham alongside Armstrong. I do not advocate Gallagher on the wing he is 6ft 4 and should be central.

its gonna take some graft in midfield so Johnson and Travis need support. That is where a Mulgrew can offer protection both to the defence and midfield.

anyhow, safe travels for all going

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