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3 hours ago, RoverDom said:

GPs having to open on xmas day, ludicrous decision. 

The constant plans to extend GP opening hours, dating back to the Cameron or maybe coalition days (?) have been a complete waste of time and resources. All that time we have been in a situation that GP numbers have been reducing and insisting that GP surgeries open on Saturdays and Sundays has been absurd. The vast majority of GP appointments are for the elderly, with children or pregnant women next. Most appointments are wanted during the working week. The weekend appointments have been consistently underused. People might say that they want weekend and late night appointments but when available they don’t book them.

All that has happened is that GPs have done some weekend shifts which has meant that they have needed days off during the week, so reducing availability when it’s most needed. And all at extra cost. 

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Just now, RoverDom said:

Rationale is it takes pressure off 111 etc like anyone is going to think to ring the GP on xmas day. 

Other rationale being that they can roll out covid vaccines at speed. Cant see ruining many many family christmases (given that GP staff have had a tough year already) is going to have any great impact on the virus. 

Contrary to my post above, I am much more confident of GP’s ability to deal with COVID vaccinations. They are used to mass flu vaccinations even under COVID rules having just done it. The GMC have been busy rounding up recently retired medical staff so there should be plenty of doctors and nurses to fill the clinics. The pinch points are going to be more around vaccine availability, deciding who gets it when and making sure everyone turns up when requested.

A few weeks ago I expressed an assumption that the Government would set up a separate private organisation to deliver this with all the extra expense and failed delivery recent experience would have implied. I’m pleased to say that for once they have learned a lesson.

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Cummings is the man behind the mass testing in Liverpool, you know the one that encourages 44k people to get together during a pandemic....

Be interesting to see if other towns and cities follow Liverpools lead......

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These muppets should be given on the spot fines and a criminal record, I'd have used the water cannon but apparently they've been melted down.,


Today we see 26,860 new Covid cases, along with 462 deaths, yet the streets are awash with these selfish bastards.


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Exactly, if they can bust up raves and dish out fines then why not hammer these selfish clueless morons ?

2020 Policing = selective policy to fit in with PC and too concerned with being photographed dropping to their knees.

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Nothing surprises me any more.

11,000 containers of Government-owned PPE abandoned at Felixstowe Docks.

At the end of 90 days (soon) the authorities can claim or destroy the Gov PPE clogging the port if the owner doesn't show up to pick it up. Sad to see that the Gov is making things even more difficult
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So Mrs Blue Blood has tested positive and isolation beckons. Bit of a shock but goes to show that all the PPE NHS workers wear isn't a guarantee of protection, especially when patients don't (and can't) wear full PPE. 

Test centre had huge capacity - very impressive - but was really quiet which made me wonder why we aren't testing more people? We certainly have the capacity to. 

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Just now, RoverDom said:

The same week they've cancelled their boycott of good morning Britain, not saying he's avoiding an interview with piers. 

To be fair, I'm not a fan of the tories. But in May that dolphin looking bellend tweeted that he wanted to stop the tories from appearing on GMB and is now asking why they won't come on the show.... 

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3 hours ago, philipl said:

Johnson is a stupid idiot.

No masks, no social distancing from infectious Tory.


It will be interesting to see how many more people the papers dig up that this chap has infected, and whether or not they're also self isolating.

Big brother is watching (Mr Cummings) 


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