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5 hours ago, Ossydave said:

Charlton have announced our game with them will be one of their £5 a ticket deals.

Probably won't be quite the same demand as the League One season but still an absolute bargain in this day and age.  Always a good day out too.

Just hoping this trip to the Valley will see TM selecting our best eleven!

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Confirmed that Charlton have given us the full end of 3100 tickets. Wouldn't surprise me if we return a few and they sell to Charlton fans.

Saturday 3pm game, no strings, no bundles, no memberships, no surcharges, just 5 quid for all anywhere in the ground.

That's how you do a ticket offer.

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We always have decent followings in London due to our sizeable contingent of south east based fans. Just depends on how many trek down from up here to boost it.

Even at £5 not too many, I’d wager, with little to play for and trains shooting up in price...

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4 minutes ago, Mattyblue said:

No think he’s about right. Trains aren’t cheap this close to the game.

It was 45 quid return on Friday from preston

That's going Preston via crewe then to Euston

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My mate uses an app think it’s called train pal its quite good for cheap tickets. If going from Preston to London it’ll automatically work out the cheapest route. Sometimes it’s just normal price and other times it’ll suggest a stop. But, for eg, if it's cheaper to book from Preston to Milton Keynes as one ticket then Milton Keynes to London as another without getting off the train end up with a cheaper ticket on the direct train. 

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Be very careful with that example. For split ticketing like that to work you must be on a train that stops at the station where you are splitting your ticket. In that example the fast trains don't stop at Milton Keynes so it won't work. You can do it on the trains that go via Birmingham which also stop at Milton Keynes, but they take an hour longer. It might work taking the via Birmingham train and changing at Crewe as long as the second train stops at Milton Keynes.

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Trouble is you'll get your usual 500 or so away day regulars and the other 500 or so London/South based Rovers fans. These people will go to all the London and SE away games anyway, whether it is £5 or £25.

Then you might get an extra few hundred who are enticed by the bargain tickets who fancy it.

Probably not much more than 1500 actually go because as good as the price is it is still a long trek, expensive travel and a full day job for what amounts to a fairly nondescript fixture.

I'd love to see the results at Ewood if we made say Bristol City at home £5 anywhere in the ground for any age group, started selling and advertising now, especially if we were pushing the top 6. 

Sadly that's isnt ever going to happen.

Charlton can do it but we can't.

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1 minute ago, Ossydave said:

Amazed we haven't sold more for this.

Very poor :(

Think that's a bit harsh to be honest, yes it's £5 a ticket which is amazing, but it's still potentially a long and expensive day out in London, for which in all honesty is mid table second division game.

If we had won those two home games over Christmas and were sat in 6th or so it would have been interesting to see what following we could have taken.

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