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Opportunity missed. Think this is why I get power frustrated when people start touting us for the play offs as when we get near and have a home game we should be winning, we bottle it. Frustrating as

Gallagher at right wing is becoming the new Bennett at right back. Why we insist on having one rediculous out of position player in the side is beyond me.

Jesus christ, what a way to start the day reading this thread... We couldn't get more doom and gloom if we tried.  It's a game we should have won, yes. However, PNE and Bristol didn't pick up any

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1 minute ago, jim mk2 said:

How many points have we dropped at home against these bottom teams? 

As you mentioned, we don't have any guile in attack. We're all about hitting teams on the counter.

If you line up defensively we've got no idea how to score against you. 

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Just now, CambridgeRover said:

Johnson is not up to it

Gallagher is not up to it


Jesus Mowbray you never fucking learn how to win do you

Course he does, the masterplan is to bring Bennett on in the last 5 minutes.

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Just now, Dan said:

The problem is that he doesn’t use proper wingers, so we rely on the fullbacks getting forward. Which they do, quite well, however neither of them can cross a ball effectively. 

And its not a new problem is it?

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I don't understand what the team against Brentford did wrong to warrant changes

Mowbray always bangs on about players having to earn the right to play. It seems Gallagher is immune to this. He should have forced to prove this worth. Instead he is placed in the team with no justification 

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2 minutes ago, Elvis Biro said:

Has Tony got one of those contracts (like he who shall not be named) that pays him more for being in the Championship than in the Prem? Only asking.

Tony's contract stretches into infinity

Another missed opportunity tonight

Playoffs isn't going to happen

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I mean its an absolute fucking disgrace from Mowbray. An absolute fucking disgrace. What else is to be said. He wrecks the team that was doing well in order to once again, for no reasonable logic whatsoever, 0 reason, shoehorn Gallagher onto that right flank, and there you go, all sharpness and urgency goes out of the team. Same for Buckley being dropped. Just everything that was working in previous games he single-handedly wrecks. 

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Another game where we can only play one decent half. First half was dreadful, totally insipid. Second half much better in terms of endeavour but unfortunately very little quality which meant we never really looked like scoring. 

Walton - 7 - did nothing wrong, made a couple of good stops and claimed the ball well when he needed to. Another solid performance.

Bell - 4 - looked nervous at times defensively, especially in the first half, and was terrible going forward. Attacks broke down often down his flank.

Tosin - 6 - some wayward passing at times, as is normal, but overall did OK.

Lenihan - 6 - struggled with Campbell at times but other than that did alright. His inevitable booking puts us in a difficult position.

Nyambe - 6 - drove at the Stoke defence to try and make something happen but nothing came off. Some poor passing too which would have cost us against better teams. 

Johnson - 4 - lethargic, didn't look interested.

Travis - 6 - worked hard as usual.

Rothwell - 5 - largely anonymous. 

Downing - 6 - played better in the second half when moved central, but no major impact on the game.

Gallagher - 4 - won headers but they went nowhere so as usual absolutely pointless. Was playing a hybrid of striker/right wing, but wasn't particularly effective in either role. Watching him out wide in the first half especially was painful. Can't understand why Mowbray persists with this.

Armstrong - 5 - ineffective. 

Big Dom - 5 - he was on the pitch briefly.

Rankin-Costello - 5 - he was on the pitch briefly.

Graham - 5 - he was on the pitch briefly.

Swansea on Saturday pretty crucial now. Fail to win and I think we can forget the playoffs, although the reality is we aren't going to make it anyway. Not good enough when push comes to shove. 

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