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BRFCS TV - Nostalgia Thread

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i was at that game,fantastic day,giving shilton some serious stick in the 2nd half and as i can recall we were kept in for ages after the game,whilst the area was cleared of the plymouth menace,that loss sent them down and they were far from happy,did`nt get home until midnight,even with my maniac driving mate giving his sierra sapphire some serious pedal wear,one regret about the kenny era is he did`nt give speedie the chance to play in the premier league,he would have been electric with shearer,sure he could have offered soton a bit more cash instead of giving speedie as part of the deal

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5 minutes ago, tonygreenbank said:

I’m sure the “Lenny Rose” commentator was a young Alan Green?

With all this talk of goalkeepers I never realised until these clips what a liability Darren Collier was! 

was a bit of a desperate time tbh,after 3 play off failures mackays squad needed a rebuild,we had to do without garner and sellers for most of the season as well,i think bobby mimms comes in soon to replace collier,who was never up to the job

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