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16 hours ago, Tyrone Shoelaces said:

I think that's in the first season back in the old First Division. Arsenal at home Oct 25th 1958.

Players from the bottom - Matt Woods, Mick McGrath, Ken Taylor, Harry Leyland, Ronnie Clayton.

Att 37,747. Won 4-2,  scorers - Dobing 3, MacLeod 1.

Team -

Harry Leyland.

Ken Taylor, Bill Eckersley.

Ronnie Clayton, Matt Woods, Mick McGrath.

Bryan Douglas, Peter Dobing, Tommy Johnston, Roy Vernon, Ally MacLeod.

Those were the days, it seems light years away from where we are now.

You’re right! The two mascots pictured walked round the perimeter track together a few times before the game. The Arsenal mascot was carrying the board with sign writing, which said something like We Arsenal supporters wish to welcome Blackburn Rovers back to the First Division. A lovely gesture and he was applauded from every side of the ground.

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