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Bristol City (H) - Saturday 20th June - 3pm KO

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Love this version of Brereton 

The old badly advised excuse rears it's head again. There is a letter in circulation signed by John Williams, Tom Finn and Martin Goodman which was sent to them telling them exactly what was happening

Gutted for Brereton not getting the goal he deserved. He definitely wasn’t the only player to slip though. 

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7 minutes ago, Cherry Blue said:

I'm really really annoyed and will join the list of ST holders demanding a refund.

I-Follow are at fault. Said they could deal with 10k Rovers fans plus all other Clubs!!

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Just now, J*B said:

Let’s be totally clear here. It’s an EFL cock up, not Rovers. Whilst everyone is pissed off, vent your anger at the right people. 

It took Tom to tweet the club before they acknowledged it.

No delays to kick off though.

Are you still connect Josh?

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1 minute ago, OldEwoodBlue said:

Directors box is full.

Cant tell if the real Venkys or carboard cut outs of the Venkys.

Seriously !

And that riles me more than anything else about this farce they are now calling football. I know supporters who never miss games, one in particular hasn't missed a game of any description since 1973. But Waggott and the other suits are there in all their finery.

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Just now, Tom said:

We are rovers fans and customers they have a duty to us, they didn’t even acknowledge the issue for ages and why didnt they delay kick off?

Lets not forget this option was pretty much forced on us by the club as well as refunds weren’t offered 

It's nothing to do with Rovers. Completely out of their hands.

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