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How do we know there is no urgency? 3 years ago.. Back 4 v Southend 2017 Nyambe, Lenihan, Mulgrew (c), Williams,    All 4 players still at the club and 3 nailed on to start ag

West Bromwich Albion are Founder Members of the Football League, they’ve spent around 80 seasons as a top flight club (10 seasons more than us), they’ve also won numerous trophies. They are a historic

Don't take it personally. He might have had a drink. 

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Just now, Paul Mani said:

I think he’s given Mowbray his word and is now screening his calls trying to buy some time...

I posted on Thursday what he’s doing - buying time hoping for a PL move. 

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1 minute ago, J*B said:

I posted on Thursday what he’s doing - buying time hoping for a PL move. 

Can’t blame him really. Chance to play in the Prem. Still think we’ll get Kipre tbh. Don’t think he’s a player you’d sign this summer if you were going into the PL

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8 minutes ago, J*B said:

I wish, I’d love to post but wouldn’t want to upset anyone. It’s only tomorrow away. 

But naughty that.

You’ve set it up as bad news though so it must be a crap signing.

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Mowbray warning against loans on Saturday and then signing a loan on Wednesday would be routine Rovers.

Sarr an odd one. Free agent. Highly rated by Charlton albeit a side that got relegated last season and in League One the two before.

Don't know much about him. Seems to have the attributes but only 100 or so career appearances, strange.

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