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Summer Transfer Window

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Wouldn't have thought we'd want to pay much more than £1.5m to bring in Cunningham. Cardiff need to be a little more realistic there I think.

If it's a loan to buy arrangement, whatever fee we agree is to effectively sign him this season, as opposed to paying to loan him for a season and then he's free to speak to whoever in the summer. As we've already seen with Downing & Bauer, we can't hedge our bets on signing up players when they run out of contract. If he's the guy we want at LB, we're better off getting it done now.

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45 minutes ago, TruRover said:

As frustrated as I am with our current lack of buisness/missing out on players, I do find comfort that the players we seem to be going for are ones of quality. Both Kipre and Ayala would of been quality additions and while it is sad that neither will end up here, we do at least seem to be looking at the right players. I only hope that that continues and one comes through, and quickly. I would say currently we are at least 3 signings off where we need to be. A back up keeper, a quality centre back and a quality left back. 

The players mentioned have been good but unobtainable.   Question is, how far down the list of 'targets' will we have to go to get a signing?

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To crack the January window you need an operation on the ball who can move quickly and decisively during a busy period and close deals down.

Here with dithering Tony, inept Waggott and Venus sorting out deals whilst not being assistant manager, all whilst the owners are absent and silent, its just easier to not bother and blame high prices instead.

That and they can't get a meeting with Madame other than in the November international break so tough to get any cash.

But when under no pressure or expectation and happy to plod along why rock the boat by trading in January?

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6 hours ago, Miller11 said:

“We have told the owners that we have to be engaging with other players as well to get them on longer-term contracts if we can, and if they will sign, so we can retain the assets so that if any clubs come in for our assets, and there’s been talk about some about some of our players which is good, but we have to protect them so if they do have to go, we get the right terms for them.”

This worries me. I can see another “He will be signing any day now” scenario.

It's way too late to be only just waking up to that realisation now, should have been done and dusted at least 12 months ago. 

What does Waggott actually do all day?

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1 hour ago, JHRover said:

I'm just dreading deadline day.

Obvious issues that need to be addressed, the eternal optimists expecting incomings up to the last minute, Mowbray and Rovers claiming to be busy and confident of deals and then the crushing blow from Rich Sharpe at about 6pm telling us that nothing is going to happen and that our business is done.

Might have got everyone in by then, so you can have a nice relaxing day.

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What I cant get my head around is why we are using the teams with the least competence in this summers transfer market as our benchmark? We need to improve considerably on last season to get where we want, we cant afford a transfer window that is worse than most but similar to a few with the same issues.

Middlesbrough are often mentioned, Warnock has again come out today and shown his frustration, why would we want to compare with that? That being said, they have got their second deal over the line today and have had a third in for a medical and are apparently well down the line with Sam Morsy as a fourth. Preston, they never have any money and cant register a player until they get a senior one off their books. Ultimately, they have a similar squad every summer, rarely do they get loans and short term deals, but they always have to scrape the bottom of the barrel, our third most expensive striker since promotion was for money that they couldnt compete with, they get their forward players from teams like Exeter and Morecambe.

We had plenty of advantages in many ways. We knew the division we would play in (that was an excuse at one point) with a couple of games to go. We for various reasons arent waiting on player sales, seemingly we arent reliant on the money and we dont have any players that have starred enough to make it impossible to stop them going to the Premier League, Dack has had a serious injury, Armstrong has been scoring for half a season only and none of the others are good enough like a Watkins, a Cash etc to make them inevitably primed for a move this summer. So we can get to work as soon as the owners get their arses in gear, which of course is always late. Our 3 loans were all in defence/goalkeeper because Mowbrays squad is imbalanced, but we knew which players (them and the out of contract players) were going early and knew where the holes would be.

Why dont we compare to teams who have seemingly had far more joy in the market getting what they want. Take Coventry, apparently very much into their recruitment like we seemingly are supposed to be now, 8 signings in from various places. Maybe Swansea, even more reliant on loans than we have been and also with Ayew who is on disproportionately high wages and although he is right up there in terms of the best player in the league, he limits them getting other players in. But they knew what was coming this summer, they got Woodman and Guehi back on loan who are both quality, they replaced Connor Gallagher with Morgan Gibbs-White, they addressed a lack of experience bringing in Smith from Bristol City and they got Jamal Lowe on the cheap to bring some pace and goal threat. Stoke, quite a few signings that look impressive. QPR, had to wait to sell Eze but have addressed a few different positions. Forest, got a few of the better freebies around. Derby, got Clarke back, Marshall a very good keeper and showed real pro activity signing te Wierek on a pre-contract agreement. They also replaced Bogle with Byrne within 2 days. Bristol City have done some really good business. Brentford replaced Watkins and Jeanvier before they left. Birmingham, Cardiff, plenty of teams have done decent business. We still havent shut the door totally on Downing in contrast, its just so indecisive.

I noticed how todays transfer update suggests that the Williams interest has fizzled out and he will be our third centre back. Even if we replace Cunningham and Adarabioyo with players as good, we will still have Bell, Williams and Bennett getting plenty of minutes.

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Hearing that XY and Z clubs haven't signed anybody is getting tedious and trying to justify what has so far been a poor window. I really couldn't care less who hasn't signed many players, I'm only interested in Rovers. Saturday is the first game and we still haven't strengthened in the areas we all know needed doing and all I'm hearing from Rovers is excuses, some of which are well worn.

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5 hours ago, Bbrovers2288 said:

I said the other day a signing was close, that was Cunningham back in. There was a breakthrough the other day in that Cardiff were happy to let him go. We now have competition for that deal however

So that's the best the much vaunted recruitment could come up with is it? 

A guy who was with us last season anyway who's also had a bad injury and may not be the same? Wonder how they managed to unearth that hidden gem?

Sounds like it won't happen anyway and it'll be the usual "Club X came in for him at the last minute and how could we compete with that?"

We (and the owners) being taken for absolute mugs by Waggott Mowbray and Venus. They talk about basic stuff which should be second nature anyway like signing players from Europe and (too late) about getting our better players tied down on long term deals as if it's some earth shattering new concept which only we have thought of.

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There are many very talented players in the MLS. They are affordable and more than capable of playing in the Championship. Richie Laryea of TFC would easily start at LB for Rovers. He has speed, defends well and scores the odd goal. 

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19 minutes ago, blondie said:

Any player that allows an agent to scupper a move,doesn't merit signing, or if they really thought that Rovers was a great career move, would bin the agent.Hmmmm

I would treat that latest excuse with a pinch of salt tbh, it's difficult to believe that we only became aware of any potential third party ownership issues more or less on the day of the alleged deal and if the player came from a Country where third party ownership is legal you'd have thought it would have been one of the first things we'd have checked  from the off like how much would the player cost and what would be his wage demands.

If we checked and were lied to, fair enough.  If it didn't occur to us to check, yet more incompetence on our part.

Two innovative new excuses to add to the list of reasons for deals falling through though

"Third party ownership issues we only found out about as he was about to board the plane".

"I need one in to convince the others of our intentions"

Keep 'em coming Tony!

At least someone in the creative department is earning their corn even if no-one in the recruitment department is.


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