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Summer Transfer Window

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17 minutes ago, Wood26 said:

I don’t know much about Manning, but I want to sign him purely because QPR fans are calling it a step down to join us.


I agree but I also see their point. We're currently a sideways move, which in itself is depressing. Hopefully Tony gets the most out of the fairly decent squad he has assembled and we can go back and point out what a superb sideways move it was to the QPR fans in 8-12 months time - Corona depending. 

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23 minutes ago, Mellor Rover said:

An announcement is different from the deal being done to be fair. Strange how we’d wait though.

Too late in the day to get a scarf from the club shop or the person who prints the name on the back of the shirt gone home for the weekend

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1 hour ago, Wood26 said:

I don’t know much about Manning, but I want to sign him purely because QPR fans are calling it a step down to join us.


In fairness, I've not seen any describe it as a step down, only seen them describe it as a sideways step. Which, if all you do is look at league position last season, it is. We finished 11th, they finished 13th.

One was rather unflattering about the town of Blackburn itself, but it's hardly paradise and they clearly don't realise players commute from Chesire etc.

I found the comments from Wigan fans about Kipre potentially moving here to be far more insulting. One said 'how the mighty have fallen'...mate you're a League One crisis club that have only been around a few decades.

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5 minutes ago, Wing Wizard Windy Miller said:

If, as rumoured on the other thread, Nyambe isn't in the first 11, I wonder if he's subject of a bid?  I can't imagine, given his contract position and the way he's started that we haven't had any offers for him.

Not another sell Raya to buy a Gallagher situation. Sell our RB to pay for a LB and get Bennett back in the team...

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28 minutes ago, AdamRochina said:

I wonder if missing out on kipre meant we went for Ayala or if we wanted both?  Imagine Ayala kipre and Darragh being our 3 main CBS with Wharton or magloire as back up 

Speaking of Kipre, he didn't get off the bench again today.

They got tubbed 5-2 mind you, so he might get called up for the next one.

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18 minutes ago, Bbrovers2288 said:

I’d be getting in Daniel Johnson from pne to cover travis injury and as part of rotation going forward, available as out of contract next summer and won’t sign a new deal 

Always stands out every time a see Preston play ( which is about three times a year ?) but always end the game by thinking that Johnson lad played well today

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7 hours ago, Mercer said:

Odds vary match by match.

For today (odds pretty low) you would presently (they fluctuate up and down) get:

  • More than 1.5 goals in game (ie 2 or more goals) - 1.31- £0.31 winnings for each £ bet
  • More than 2.5 goals in game (ie 3 or more goals) - 1.93 - £0.93 winnings for each £ bet
  • More than 3.5 goals in game (ie 4 or more goals) - 3.3 - £2.30 winnings for each £ bet

I've gone big on more than 1.5 goals in today's game.

Broadly, if you'd have bet £20 / game on more than 1.5 goals / game last season (given 80%+ certainty ie result delivered), you would have been almost £200 in pocket after 46 league games

I hope you and everyone else had a bet. I forgot!

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