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How do we know there is no urgency? 3 years ago.. Back 4 v Southend 2017 Nyambe, Lenihan, Mulgrew (c), Williams,    All 4 players still at the club and 3 nailed on to start ag

West Bromwich Albion are Founder Members of the Football League, they’ve spent around 80 seasons as a top flight club (10 seasons more than us), they’ve also won numerous trophies. They are a historic

Don't take it personally. He might have had a drink. 

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2 minutes ago, bluebruce said:

Yes and the manager's belief in that regard is terrifying. Opinions sure but can you not logically lay out, like I did, why a potential weakness is a bigger concern than a definite weakness?

The fact you mostly just told me what the manager believes is making me think you're forming your opinion based on his, you see.

Not at all...I was just trying to make sense of what he said. Tbf he watches Fisher etc, he knows whether or not he / they can fill in for Kaminski?  

My belief is that we need a LB and a GK equally as much. So my opinion appears to be different from yours and the managers...hence why I said ‘opinions’

Either way, what I or you think has no real relevance.

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Bringing in a few late loans was always in the pipeline as the late solution to recruitment.


Because that's what we have done every year and it is how they want to operate. 

I dont think that's suddenly changed in the last few weeks.

Mowbray may want to get permanents but it seems he can't.

Still need another GK, CB, LB and CM to come in and not doing so will leave us short.

Doing them on loan is just kicking it down the road until next summer when we face the same issues and probably other positions to fill as well if Nyambe walks and we have to sell one or two.

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23 minutes ago, Gavlar Somerset Rover! said:

Former Everton full back. Been out on loan from them since day dot, just been released at 27. Not played above league one level for yonks. Hopefully we’re after much better.

Sorry I was being flippant based on this 



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27 minutes ago, Gavlar Somerset Rover! said:

Former Everton full back. Been out on loan from them since day dot, just been released at 27. Not played above league one level for yonks. Hopefully we’re after much better.

Think the joke went over your head there Gavlar!

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2 hours ago, Paul Mani said:

In the current market Arma is a £20m+ player and if he carries on scoring every week I can see someone bidding that before the end of this window...

Dack, even after his injury is worth £10-15m because he’s that good.

I wouldn’t be against us selling either so long as there was a plan to buy two or three good players (£2-5m) which would improve us overall.

That's what should have happened when Rhodes was sold but that money seemed to vanish.

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Just now, Tyrone Shoelaces said:

That's what should have happened when  was sold but that money seemed to vanish.

That’s the worry. Though both TM and Swag have talked about ‘selling a Maddison’ and then reinvesting and going up the season after...so fingers crossed

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1 hour ago, Mercer said:

Nail on head.

As I posted a few minutes ago, if you never give the lads a chance...................................

You only find out if they're good enough to play at a higher level by playing them at that level.  Playing with better players can improve a young players game a lot in some instances as we're seeing with Dolan.

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2 hours ago, Paul Mani said:

He has to go with the loans unless we get some incoming cash Josh. Because we need a keeper as bad as we need a LB and he’s saying we can only buy one.

But we need a left-back to play and a keeper to sit on the bench. My priority would be the left-back

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"The manager doesn't know that" is a strange quote. "No. That's a name you've just thrown at me. It's not true. I think Ryan Manning is a very good footballer, I imagine QPR are not going to let him walk away.

Haven't Mowbray been looking at Manning before ?


"A source at Loftus Road has told Football Insider that second-tier rivals Blackburn launched a late bid to sign the versatile Irishman on Friday but that it was swiftly rejected the club."

I would imagine he would be cheaper now than he would have been almost a year ago ?

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11 hours ago, roversfan99 said:

U23 is not the same as competitive league football, but my comment was not specifically about him as I have never seen him, I just think considering our problems in that position and his inability to ever make a squad, it is safe to say that he wont be in the managers thoughts in the near future.

Dolan had only played under 18's football and look at him now. 

8 hours ago, JHRover said:

If those are genuinely Mowbray's comments and assuming he has been accurately quoted over the last few weeks then I think he needs testing for drugs because it makes no sense.

The only logic behind those comments are that he is trying to dampen expectations and make people believe we are skint as part of his transfer strategy.

We have other positions in greater need than LB? Where?

What happened to the domino effect and moving onto the next incoming after Ayala?

Now we are so hard up that we are having to sacrifice some positions? If so I sure hope Ayala is the missing piece of the jigsaw to make it worthwhile.

His comments are completely inconsistent with those he has made previously.

why would he been mis-quoted ? 

Left back is the priority for a next signing then a back up keeper. 

If you look at his comments he says we got no money and then we got enough for 1 permanent or 2 loan signings. Seems like he didn't want say much on transfers. 

3 hours ago, Paul Mani said:

Yeah, he’s the obvious one mate and the most likely. I just don’t think they’d let him go right now unless they got silly money - like the Watkins sale...£25m+

I wouldn't be selling Armstrong for any money at all. If he plays the 9 role all season he will take us to the top 6 and possible promotion

1 hour ago, Gavlar Somerset Rover! said:

Said it before, no need to worry about Dack leaving right now. No club will be taking a punt on him for big bucks until they’ve seen him play again.

Couple of people on Twitter linking us with Luke Garbutt. Not a bad CV but doesn’t look to have played at a higher level than league one for a good couple of seasons. We can surely do better.

Mention Garbutt yesterday

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Mowbray staying in press the other day he’s finding it difficult to get players in on loan who are on 1.5 mill a year, Question I’m asking myself is if we couldn’t afford that utd youngster what quality are these 3 loans going to be, So if he can afford 3 loans surely he could afford Manning on a perm, Is he pulling the wool over our eyes

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