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Summer Transfer Window

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1 minute ago, RevidgeBlue said:

Good to hear. 

If he slots in on the left with Dolan on the right which I'd like to see that would be harsh on Brereton who has also started well but if he's even better so be it, there shouldn't be any sentiment in football and that's where Mowbray has gone wrong over the last couple of seasons imo.

Horses for courses gives us options which will be needed over a season. 

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Kaminski - REG
Pears - REG
Stergiakis - U21
Eastham - U21
Hilton - UNREG?
Fisher - UNREG?

Bennett - REG
Nyambe - REG
Lenihan - REG
Ayala - REG
Williams - REG
Wharton - REG
Bell - REG
Douglas - REG
Magloire - U21
Carter - U21

Travis - REG
Johnson - REG
Trybull - REG
Holtby - REG
Evans - REG
Davenport - REG
Buckley - U21
Dolan - U21
Rothwell - REG
Dack - REG
Chapman - REG

Brereton - REG
Armstrong - REG
Gallagher - REG
McBride - U21
Butterworth - U21
Vale - U21
Brennan - U21

Elliott (if registered) takes us to 24, with one spot left I think?

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This is a good window if it all happens. We gave gone from worrying about having proper  cover to who plays where. This signals a strong push with two new players  from promoted clubs, a class act from Liverpool, and an experienced goalie as cover and ability to push for a first team place. Plus hopefully none of our stars moving out. 

if we are going to make a push, this is the time. Integrating four players can be a challenge but it’s a good problem to have. 

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2 minutes ago, A Northern Horde... said:

Very encouraging signings...have the Punatics finally decided their baby needs looking after?

Very harsh. You can't really accuse the owners of not backing Mowbray since he's been here.

Following relegation to League 1, no high earners sold, Dack and numerous signings in, Armstrong in on loan in Jan to seal the deal.

1st season back, £7m on BB, £3m on AA. Numerous other loans. No pressure to sell.

2nd season back £5m on Gallagher numerous other loans. No pressure to sell.

Middle of a pandemic, Ayala will be on big money by our standards, numerous other players in, no pressure to sell.

We just need Mowbray to perform a lot better than he's done since we were promoted now. 

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2 minutes ago, Steptoe87 said:

Bad business getting Harvey Elliott in my eyes massive wage and he has an even bigger attitude problem bad business 

The kid is 17.

Hair is a joke but not aware of any other problems with him. At least the hair made me remember him from when he came on for Liverpool.

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Well Tony....I have been one of your most fierce critics. This window looks like it’s been the best in years.....you have cracking pegs already at the club....and this week some very exciting new pegs have arrived. All you need to do is put them in the right holes ...... if you can....we will all be with you !

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