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1st Match - West Brom v Rovers - Help

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Apologies if the wrong section, but this is driving me mad!...

My first match watching Rovers was when Rovers beat WBA at the Hawthorns 1-0.

It was either 21 March 1987 (86/87 season) or 12 December 1987 (87/88 season).

I know Alan Ainscow scored the winner and Simon Barker missed a penalty.

I can’t find a line up online for either game.

Anyone able to help?!


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We won 1-0 on the 21st of March 1987, Colin Hendry scoring the goal. The team was -


Price, Keeley, Mail, Sulley

Miller, Barker, Ainscow, Sellars

Hendry, Curry

No subs.

Regarding the game on the 12th of December 1987

That one was also a 1-0 win with Chris Price scoring the goal. The team -


Price, Hendry, Mail, Sulley

 Dawson, Barker, Reid, Ainscow

Garner,  Curry

Sub - Johnrose came on for Dawson.

Looking at that line up it could have been an early attempt at playing three centre halves in Dawson, Hendry and Mail with Price and Sulley as wingbacks.

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