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Bloody hell Nyambe is destroying them, can’t believe some want to sell him on the cheap before his contract runs out  He’s a crown Jewell 

A very enjoyable game for a pre-season friendly and a very encouraging performance, particularly in the second half.  Felt sorry for Fisher who made a couple of clangers but otherwise did OK.  I thoug

Managers say all kinds of crap about each other before and after games. It’s just football politics. We had managers telling us all how good Kean was when he was here. Not a single one of them offered

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Uhh...Lenihan out altogether because he was an unused sub for Ireland the other night? This is our last friendly, we play in a week...not too happy about that. Should be as close as possible to the Bournemouth side. And Magloire, really?

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9 minutes ago, JoeH said:

Nyambe Magloire Williams Bell
Travis Johnson Holtby
Brereton Armstrong JRC

Magloire in over Wharton to deal with Vardy pace in-behind, Gallagher still out injured, JRC in a further forward role, unless it's 5 at the back with Nyambe, Magloire and Williams a three. Doubt it though.

Nyambe Magloire Williams Bell


        Travis Johnson 

   JRC                 Armstrong

That formation makes more sense to me. It's Williams over Wharton. Carter will come on for Magliore. With Bell at LB, we'll concede. Will Holtby make it to be subbed and when will Brereton miss an open net (okay he didn't against Barrow)? We've got precisely two healthy forwards in the squad and both are playing.That makes me extremely nervous.

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22 minutes ago, davulsukur said:

Big test for Magloire today.

That back 5 isn't looking particularly strong.

When is Kaminski out of Isolation?


22 minutes ago, Ewood Ace said:

A week away from the start of the season that is a terrible looking squad.

We clearly need to 4 or 5 players to our current squad. Mainly 2 defenders and left back. 

Mowbray need to be busy this week. 

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20 minutes ago, OnePhilT said:

Positives: Nyambe back in the starting XI, and it looks like we'll see JRC playing in a wide forward position. Thumbs up from me on both counts.

Negatives: That defence is going to have a torrid time against Barnes, Vardy, and Gray. Ndidi could well be running the show in midfield.

Either way, looking forward to a free football fix and the season getting nearer. #COYB... or #COYR?

 Ndidi forced to play cb according to Leicester fans because they are short of options 

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