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Just play less internationals full stop, then you don’t have to make up a convoluted competition to replace friendlies. All you need is Qualifiers, a few warm up games before a tournament and the tour

Elgar's Land of Hope and Glory is far superior to the dirgy GSTQ, more upbeat and a better celebration of "Englishness".  Elgar was a football fan too - a Wolves supporter - which makes it perfec

Southgate beat Spain the last time he faced them..............

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Southgate has lost three key games where the sides were reasonably evenly matched - Netherlands in Nation League, Belgium at WC group stage, and Croatia in the semi. He's won three key games Spain and Croatia in Nations League, and colombia at WC. Sweden at WC is one you can write off as an expectation we would win. So it's an okay record, nothing more, nothing less.  

I would say he deserves a chance to improve on it. The players he has are not particularly great. Only Kane and Sterling are truly world class. GK, Midfield, Defence are considerably poorer than Hoddle, Venables, Eriksson, Capello had available. So all in all reasonable performance in my book. Need to see how things develop.

On a side note the emerging key player in my book is Harry Winks. When we play him we look a much better footballing side. Hope he plays again tonight. He's not an exceptional footballer but he ties everything together extremely well. We need to nurture him.


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Just watching a bit of build up. Funny to see England fans and team seemingly getting almost a heroes welcome in pristina. From the locals they’ve interviewed seems to stem from a bit of gratitude for our contributions in preventing them from being wiped out by the Serbians.

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Yeah a lot of these passes are very poor either wrong weight or wrong direction. 

I think the pitch might be crap don’t know if it’s one of those plastic hybrid things. Looks fine aesthetically but lots of slips and rank misplaced passes from both teams.

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We're far from being the finished item yet. For all the clever passing Kosovo produced the Dingle didn't have a real save to make. They were pretty toothless up front and couldn't punish our mistakes. We seem to lack concentration for 5 and 10 minute spells. When we get in that last third our passing has to be more precise. Good finishing though.

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They've just reminded us of that shower against Iceland

England really have been crap in this competition haven't they? 96 aside there's been some absolute dross. Even worse than in World Cups where we normally lose against the first decent team we play against.

As well as Iceland, from memory in the Euros we've previously lost to an England B team, Sweden and Romania...




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