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He lost the ball on halfway. For most teams that doesn't automatically result in a goal for the other team. 

7 players in the match day squad who have previously, or currently play in our youth set up. ?

Kaminski has the feel of an accomplished keeper. Very much in control...

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11 minutes ago, AspRover said:

This is an odd one for me, I live not that far from Bournemouth so this should be one of the away matches that I would really look forward to. Instead I'm sat at home catching up on work and finding it difficult to work up much enthusiasm.

I'm expecting to play one of the 'kids' in central defence - probably Magloire after the Leicester game - and for us to 'put on a good show' but lose by two or three, probably down to individual errors from the defenders. Then we will be told that there are 'a lot of positives' to take from the performance.

Well you're wrong so far, with William's at the back. Hopefully with the rest too.

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Just now, Mr. E said:

Not quite the fearless leader photo chosen there for Tony.


Lmao nope, who on earth picked that one? Then again I'm reminded of a Simpsons episode where Mr Burns stars in a film and gets dragged off by a horse or something in it, and the director says something like 'we did 50 takes, and that was the best one'.

'We took 50 photos, and that was the most arsed he looked'

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Surprised at Brooks not starting.

Bournemouth had a strong end of season and almost escaped so could presage a strong start to this season.

That Rovers side should have enough about it provided Bell and Johnson are not having a sleepy afternoon.

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3 minutes ago, TruRover said:

Incredibly strong team, even with brooks on the bench. Really tough game this.

Could go either way for Bournemouth this year.  They could well be top 2 all season... However, out of the 3 relegated sides, I think they are the most likely to have that blip season - like Stoke last year.


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