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He lost the ball on halfway. For most teams that doesn't automatically result in a goal for the other team. 

7 players in the match day squad who have previously, or currently play in our youth set up. ?

Kaminski has the feel of an accomplished keeper. Very much in control...

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Just now, Stuart said:

Real shame for the lads that have played today. They definitely deserved a draw - particularly in the second half.

Until we sort out the glaring problem of the last three years though nothing will change. We cannot keep having to score three every game to get points.

Anyone who blames Dolan is excusing Mowbray’s failure. We need players like him in the same way Sven knew how important Rooney was to England. He needs more opportunities and not sidelining.

Today was against a PL team with an incredible combined squad value and we faced up to them man for man. I’ll reserve judgment on the new faces - including Kaminski who conceded three from five shots on target - for a little while yet.

Meanwhile the clock is ticking for Mowbray to fix our defence...

I’ve never agreed with you more. Cracking performance. Absolutely scandalous that we haven’t signed a CB and a LB. 

Got the makings of a decent little team there. The young lads are a fantastic. Dolan in particular looks like a player! We will definitely cause a lot of teams problems. We just need to SORT THAT DEFENCE!! ?

ffs Tony, sort it out.

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3 minutes ago, Wing Wizard Windy Miller said:

We've been the better side - yet have lost and conceded 3.  

Not for the first time. Hopefully the good thing to come from this might be a bit more urgency getting defenders in, though you would think the last few years would have mustered that urgency there.

Still I did think if we kept a clean sheet it might let Tony give up on it completely. A 3-2 or 4-3 win would have been best of both worlds...

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Just now, DE. said:

Same old story, unfortunately. It was a good performance overall, but we can't help but ship 2-3 goals a game which has been our undoing too many times under Mowbray. He's had multiple transfer windows and ample time on the training pitch to fix this issue but either can't or won't do so. We've got enough about us to stay up as there are teams with similarly poor defences and worse attacking units that we will beat, but there's no way we get anywhere close to the top six with the current squad and management/coaching team. Mid-table beckons again, unless we have a stormer of an end to the transfer window. 

There's no improving a player like Williams, Bell or Lenihan. You can't improve their instincts at this point - Williams was caught flat footed with a ball played into the channel behind him a couple of times. That's criminal. 

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Just now, Doogs said:

That back four, all of them will relegate us this season.....

Give over, clearly we need at least two more to come in but all four have played plenty when we've been just outside the play offs. Not sure what Nyambe's done to be included in that either,

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4 minutes ago, neophox said:

Williams was better than Lenihan and Bell is really poor

It's starting to concern me, early days though it is, that Lenihan isn't looking on his game. He the best defender we do have, and with our poor performance in the market so far we can't afford for our most reliable defender to become unreliable.

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17 minutes ago, Tom said:

Rich Sharpe mentioned Dolan lost the ball for the goal, hope that doesn’t give Mowbray the nervousness and reason to drop him 

This is what TM will use though! Not the fact our defence backed off time after time. Bell isn’t good enough full stop.

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1 minute ago, Exiled_Rover said:

There's no improving a player like Williams, Bell or Lenihan. You can't improve their instincts at this point - Williams was caught flat footed with a ball played into the channel behind him a couple of times. That's criminal. 

First goal was nothing to do with ability - it was simply a lack of urgency/motivation to close down. That's something that can be coached. We've seen this issue over and over again in the last 9 years, no matter who is in defence we back off and allow teams to shoot. It's like an innate quality that's built into the club at this point. 

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How many more times do we need concede 3 ? 

 Mowbray  will blame Dolan for the loss of possession....but what did those behind  him do to reduce the opportunity to score ?? .....absolutely nothing. 
Im at the stage where I cannot bear to hear Mowbray’s voice as he trots out more and more garbage. 
He  SIMPLY CANNOT SET UP A DEFENCE......Look at Celtic, look at Coventry ......It makes no difference ...even IF defenders arrive ...he will fail them as he fails us. .....we need more than defenders...we need Mowbray gone 

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I think if we have Evans in the midfield instead of Johnson then the defence will look a lot better, Johnson better on the ball but just doesn’t read the game like Evans, if playing Holtby deeper you defo need Evans and Travis in there.

Decent performance but they took their chances better than us, Armstrong, Evans, Dolan all had better chances than the chances Bournemouth scored from.

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