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Championship Trivia Quiz

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Championship Trivia Quiz

  1. Johnson (8.61) and Armstrong (8.36) are rated the best two players in the Championship right now on whoscored.com. We have a third player in the top 10. Who is he?

  2. Unsurprisingly BJ and AA make the “team of the week” but who are the other two Rovers to make the team?

  3. Of the 335 players rated by whoscored.com, 4 of the bottom 6 come from the same team….which team?

  4. Our current, worst player (of the regular outfield players) comes in 101st on whoscored.com, Who is he? 

          As an aside, this is a far better overall team rating than I have ever seen. We top the table for the highest average rating per player this season at 7.26.

          Just for fun, who was our worst rated (regular) player last season at 351/360 players.

           Here are some other notable stats for last season:  David Nugent 346th, Todd Kane 345th, Joe Garner 334th, Kasey Palmer 335th, Connor Mahoney 315th,

           Danny Simpson 284th, Bennett 283rd, Rothwell 258th, Charlie Adam 242nd, Tom Ince 240th, Nyambe 237th, Bell 234th.

  1. Derby and Wycombe have yet to win a point. Which other team is in the same boat?

  2. Which Championship player has (on average) the most shots per game (five) but has also been called for the most offsides too.

  3. Which team has both the most possession per match (58%) and the most successful passing percentage (82%)? Hmmmm, I didn’t believe it either!

  4. Which Rover has played every game and has a 94% passing success rate?

  5. Great hat-trick by Armstrong but which two players have scored two Championship hat-tricks for Rovers fairly recently? (Hint: they played together often).

  6. Which former favourite scored our last hat-trick?


Answers  (data from whoscored.com and LT.)

  1. TD (7th with 7.63) 2.TK and JR, 3. Wycombe, 4. Bell (for fun…..DG), 5. NF, 6. Armstrong, 7. Derby! (In comparison Rovers are at 51% and 77%), 8. TD, 9. Rhodes, Gestede, 10. Graham (SW 2018).

Tell me how you got on!



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I did know that Derby answer. They were way ahead of us in both stats on Saturday but other than three sumptuous Rooney passes they did nothing with, I really didn't notice their passing and possession. 

Normally when you are against those sorts of stats you get the feeling that your team will never see the ball again!

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